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  1. Steve, I'm still getting the blank screen. I've already fixed it by opening my back-up from a flash drive. But I'm curious as to why it happens. It's not every time. It happens after I've used it for a while, and imported from FD after 4 or 5 times. I think it's because I keep importing from FD. But, of course, i don't know. thanks, Dennis
  2. Steve, Happened again. I already took care of it with my back-up file. But, I think (could be wrong) that this happens because I keep importing from FD after I finish writing for the day, then deleting the old draft. I clean out the trash each time, too. Just a thought. ciao, Dennis
  3. steve, This time nothing helped. I have an external back-up, but something is surely amiss. the program opens fine. It seems to be this file that doesn't open every now and then.
  4. Steve, i closed out the program, re-launched and it was there. who knows?
  5. Steve, Seems like I have a corrupted file. Was working fine for a while, but now it opens to a blank page. Also, it froze up a couple of times, so I closed it, and now it's blank. Thanks, Dennis
  6. Steve, This is the 2nd time it has happened. I go to open the file, a screenplay with notes, characters, etc., and it is a white page. Nothing. i have backups, but the backups in STORYIST are grayed out. Luckily I have an external drive back up. 1 - how can i retrieve this file. 2 - Why is it happening more than once. and yes, i do save it. thanks, Dennis
  7. Steve, Thanks so much. I deleted the old copies, and since i had a back-up both in Storyist and on a flash drive I'm okay for now. I got a fright when i opened it and the screen was just white, although it did have the very top bar with Storyist, file, etc. up there. it could be the way I'm working on this script. It's a bit backward. I write it in Final Draft. All of my notes are in Storyist. When i finish writing for the day I import the new copy from FD and delete the old copy. I know this sounds backwards, but it works for me, because if I want to read a note while writing it's easier to pop into Storyist, read the note, then go back to FD to my exact location. Also, Storyist imports from FD impeccably. ciao for now dennis
  8. Never mind. Got it figured out. it was a self tutorial!
  9. Okay. I've restored it. but, how do I delete an entire script with notes, etc., as I know have duplicates, and one is an older version?
  10. Okay. i went to back-ups and got it back. But there are 2 back-ups that are identical. one has a line of numbers and other is the title of the script. What's the difference?
  11. I went to open a script and it's a big, white blank page. Everything is gone??? Help?
  12. Got it! Very cool. Thanks, Dennis
  13. is there any way to print the Project view, or to copy and paste it so i can print it in Bean or Word? My reason being is I have a list of things and/or scenes i want to put in the script. as i accomplish them, i want to check them off. Thanks, Dennis
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