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  1. Thanks, Steve! I am really looking forward to these additions! I hope you will make the extended keyboard user-definable. I am sure that's much more coding but this way you will please everybody! :-) Dee
  2. Hi Steve! Thanks for the update! Very good features. What's coming next? Do you still plan to do the keyboard extension? I am also very much hoping for the auto-filled index cards feature (a setting to allow the user to see the actual text of the section show in the cards). Any chance of this happening any time soon? TIA, Dee
  3. And my name too! Thanks, Dee
  4. I would like to second Michael's request. No app can be a real workhorse productivity or creativity app without a robust Find and Replace feature. It is really amazing, and painful, how in many ways the iPad threw us back to the 1980s or so... Dee
  5. I was actually fooled by the app description to believe that autofill is already part of the app, so I am especially happy to see that Steve is thinking of adding that feature! As always, the ideal situation would be to give users as many options as possible: 1 All cards autofilled 2 All cards summarized/notes, todos 3 Selected card(s) flipped from one setting to the other (perhaps autofill on one side, notes on the other?) Of course, remembering one's index card display setup per project (as opposed to app-wide) would be also very helpful. Different projects may call for
  6. I am a big fan of extended keyboards, probably because I am a very poor typist and any help to speed me up in my "text entry" is most appreciated. In fact, I bought a number of text editors just to try their extended keyboards... Storyist's implementation is a good start but could be improved! First, there is room in the middle of the extra row for 4 to 8 more keys (especially if the size of the existing extra keys is reduced -- they are a little oversized for my taste and fingers), so why not use that space? For writing English text, my choices for these keys would be - : ; ( ) / !
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