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  1. Now I cannot cycle to the styles anymore using tab. How is that? (looks like this http://picupload.org...05/29/cSh5R.png) It is enabled under preferences and for some reason only does not work in the new script I started. It has something to do with the fact that I change the leading to 0,86 and then activate Redefine Style from selection
  2. Thanks Steve, I will let you know how it works out. Something else: I am worried that without having MORE and CONTINUED in the script, it won't look professional. What do you think about that?
  3. I have also been experiencing performance issues with Storyist, meaning that when I type nothing happens and then after some seconds text get deleted. If I close the program it is okay for a while, then it happens again.
  4. In this case it is all in Action style and yet "gapped" http://picupload.org/i/2012/05/23/QgHG.png
  5. I solved it by changing COUNTER from Action into Scene Heading. Still confused though.
  6. Thanks Steve. I am not sure if I understand it correctly though. What is the Space Before setting? And what is the widow and orphan feature? I am using OS 10.6.8 Here is another example of a gap: http://picupload.org/i/2012/05/23/qh9Ws.png That's what happens when I hit delete in front of COUNTER to close the gap: http://picupload.org/i/2012/05/23/v7Hqe.png
  7. Thanks Steve, that worked great! I had some formatting issues though at some parts of the scripts these strange gaps happened, some of them I did no even manage to fix manually: http://www.pic-upload.de/view-14020185/Bildschirmfoto-2012-05-02-um-13.13.08.png.html And in Final Draft dialogue looks like this after I exported it for Final Draft. http://www.pic-upload.de/view-14020196/Bildschirmfoto-2012-05-02-um-12.46.54.png.html Any ideas how I can fix this? And sorry for my misleading nickname, I'm Jesco.
  8. How do I get Storyist to format my screenplay to the standard 54 lines a page? It falls a bit short now with around 50 lines so I don't get a correct page count.
  9. Can I apply the template to an existing project?
  10. Thanks! And I am not sure if you understood the question: the scene names corresponds now to the Header description. But if I have 5 scenes called: INT. OFFICE then I don't recognize the scenes easily, I would rather give them names like "The layoff" In that context I still don't recognize the value added by the scene sheets as I can add summaries of the scene content also in the storyboard view of a scene
  11. I don't know how that happened, but all of the sudden the dialogue and action description are not in screenplayformat anymore, they fill the whole page and the page counter disappeared: Ah, this one i just solved.
  12. Another feature request (or maybe it is there and I don't see it) In the scenes list I want to give a title to the scene that is not the scene heading so I can recognize it easily
  13. For some reason, a scene appears double in the list on the left, but when I delete one of the two it deletes the actual scene (which is not double in the script)
  14. Thanks for all the answers! I have been enjoying very much using Storyist to Outline my screenplay and now as Script Frenzy has started and I have a few questions more: -When I export the script as a doc, the formatting changes - it gets squeezed. How come? -How do I do page numbering? -For some scenes the scene headings disappear from the the script menu at the left once in a while, I can't figure out why that is -How do I insert MORE and CONTINUED? -Feature request: I want to group my scenes into acts within the scenes menu Thanks!
  15. And if I type in the notepad, everytime I press return to start a new paragraph I get a pop up menu, so I don't manage to get an empty line to seperate paragraphs
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