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  1. Good to hear that there's an iPhone version in the works. As there's more work involved, I take it this'll be a whole new purchase? If so, I'll have to consider how much I'll use it because I won't be able to replace my iPad for some considerable time, in which case my iPad Storyist won't be used in the future - and I already have quite a number of alterations and notes in a couple of my projects that I can't transfer elsewhere. But thanks for your efforts. Storyist is a great app. It's also a cautionary tale about apps that are limited by platform (this is why I don't tend to buy too
  2. I'm a Wrimo most years, including this year. I've been writing some of it on my mobile phone. Crazy technology...
  3. I don't know if this is the right forum for this request, but here goes: With my iPad 1st Gen getting further left behind by Apple, I've had to make the choice between buying a new iPad that I can't afford or updating my 2nd Gen iPod Touch. I will be getting the iPod Touch for Christmas (actually, I already have it, but I'm not using it 'til Christmas). Given that the iPod Touch 5th Gen has a wider screen resolution than the iPad, will Storyist be made available for the iPod Touch 5G/iPhone 5? I'm able to transfer many of my other apps - like Apple's own Pages and Numbers - from m
  4. If I trusted the iPad to keep my work safe, I wouldn't be paranoid in the first place... Do I take it from this that there won't be any other "quicker" save-to-Dropbox implemented in future versions? I guess I'll just have to carry on using Writings for doing the actual novel-writing, and copy & paste it back into Storyist when assembling it into the main work.
  5. Hi Steve I'm already doing that, but it's still too cumbersome. I'm currently working on an 180,000 word document and it takes a full 15 seconds to open from the folders screen. To sync to Dropbox while working means going out of the document, out of the folders screen, and onto the "My Projects" screen. Then I can click the "one-tap sync" button. After which I then go back into the project's folders screen, click the project, wait 15 seconds for it to open, and then I can continue working. This is several taps and up to half a minute every time I want to save the work to Dropbo
  6. Hi, I'm very much a Storyist newbie but I'm organising my current 180K+ project into Storyist for iPad so that I can work on it away from my computer. I was trying to decide between Storyist and Manuscript, and it was Storyist that got my hard-earned pennies (mainly because of this wonderful forum). One feature I would really like to see (if it's not already there, and I can't find it if it is), is a one-click save/export-to-Dropbox option on the "document editing" screen. At the moment, I seem to have to come out of the document I'm editing and view the documents/folders so that I
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