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    Hi chatboard! I signed on for Storyboard after a lot of research, partly because you are already compatible with ipad, but an hour into the tutorial I'm feeling really discouraged. AMong the over fifty set I'm considered something of a wiz on the mac but it will be a while until I find this as comfortable and intuitive as I will need it to be to dare to work on my novel without suddenly getting stuck in some sort of issue I don't need to fix. I'm not sure exactly what I'm asking for here, but one thing that would be a help is if you could explain how I can watch the video about writing a s
  2. Hi I'm a newbie, eager to dive in the deep end with greater agility than than I seem to be doing on my own. Looking for maybe 3 half hour tutorials to supplement what is online and get me over speed bumps so I can enjoy the marvels of Storyist. Pref from a fellow novelist storyist , in either Park Slope Brooklyn or Lower Manhattan sometime in May 2012. Want to transplant a novel from Word to use on mac (and eventually the ipad as well ). I'd pay you a good rate and not be a pain! thanks
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