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  1. Hi,


    My problems with Dropbox seemed to solve themselves--I went on to sync and it worked! I have my entire novel in "section text" and it returned to "default format". The version in Dropbox (as well as every past version) was also saved as "section text", so there's no way it was a past version. If it was a past version, that only explains half the problem.



  2. So, it's hard to believe but I've had yet another problem with storyist:

    I figured out my problems with Dropbox, and I've been backing up my files, and I've only edited my project on my iPad--there is only ONE version of it. So I quick-synced, and when I opened the document I was missing a whole chapter (that I had just added since the last sync, so it isn't in Dropbox now) and my entire document returned to "default format".

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I've had way too many problems using this program.

  3. Okay.

    I have AT&T for my wifi and my cellular data plan. There are no other computers on my wifi. My server and my wifi, which I sometimes use, have no security settings, meaning that they can't possibly be trying to crack down on Dropbox.

    I've had storyist open since my last post, and the bar is still frozen in place.

    Even when I haven't force quit storyist and have chosen which file I would like to keep, it repeats the process all over again by making me choose a file to keep.

  4. Okay, i restarted my iPad and here's what happened:

    The first time I tried to sync, it said it was unable to connect to Dropbox. I physically opened the Dropbox app and tried it again. Then, it renamed the version of the project on my iPad and imported the version from Dropbox, as if there were conflicting versions of the file. I think storyist and Dropbox aren't recognizing that it's the same file, as this happens to me often when I only edit my files on my iPad so it's always the same documents with edits.

    I deleted the old version of the file and renamed the new one, then pressed the sync button again so Dropbox would recognize which version of the file I wished to keep. Now it's frozen again. The bar just isn't moving, though it says that it's uploading the files.

    What's wrong with it?

  5. Okay, I tried again and this is what happened:

    I went to the "events" tab in Dropbox in my web browser, and it said that I deleted five files. These are the files that went missing, but I never actually deleted them, and I know this because I didn't even have the Dropbox app until about an hour ago.

    It tells me that the files were deleted but offers no button to undo my actions. Is there any way to retrieve them from the events tab?

    Also, I'm in safari on my iPad, so do I need to log onto a computer to retrieve them?

  6. I opened the Dropbox app on my father's iPad to show him some of my projects and none of my files were there, so I went to the storyist homepage on my iPad and pressed the quick sync button. It claimed that it was backing up my projects, and that they were going to Dropbox, and then suddenly four of my five projects DISSAPEAR.

    I've been quick syncing, and after my initial scare with it taking too long they started syncing really quick. This is because, I assume, nothing was ever really backing up to dropbox.

    So now I have an empty Dropbox folder due to an error with the software (not because I haven't been backing up my files) and four projects that are simply gone.

    I'm using storyist for junowrimo and have now faced three massive problems with the software in less than three weeks. I'm ready to throw in the towel all together, which is a shame because I really enjoy using storyist to write. It offers many useful features that would be great if they actually worked as advertised.

    Please help me as urgently as possible,



  7. Hi,


    When I click on the info button, it expands but the box below is always empty. I use cellular data, and always get five bars. I only use my Dropbox for storyist, and I haven't saved very much information in storyist either.

    When the original sync took a while, I brushed it off. But now there are times when I've written less than a thousand words before I update Dropbox and it still takes just as much time.




  8. Im using storyist for Camp NaNoWriMo, and everything has been going great, except about ten minutes ago I closed my document to refer to a character sheet, and when I opened my document, over three thousand words were missing. Worse yet, all of my beautifully color-coded and filled in index-cards are now white and blank. Now I have to try to make up for lost time, and I don't have the plot of my novel stored anywhere else. There was valuable information in those cards that I needed.

    Is there any way I can get my work and my index cards back?

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