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  1. You may want to spend some time working on how your app shows up in the app store. I was looking for the kindle app and Stryoist showed up. Why? Its not a reading app, and no other major writing app showed up. (Picture 1) When I did a search for Scrivener, other apps showed up too, but not Storyist (picture 2) When I search for "writing", scrivener was first, and Storyist was way down, lost amongst a lot of relevant and irrelevant apps (Picture 3) Just a suggestion. Maybe you have already tried to make this happen.
  2. I've become a story planner, leaving my panting behind. I've found that I really like using the beat sheet method to help me create the story. The table form also lets me keep track of the timing of the story as each column is a side story as needed. Here is a fairly good example of a beat sheet for a planned book. http://jamigold.com/2012/02/how-to-revise-for-structure-part-two/ There should be a way to move from this view to outline view to the actual manuscript view. Is there a way to incorporate a table like this directly into the software?
  3. Hmm. I would like to suggest then stories should be allowed to sync to individual folders. Having my stories in one folder gets messy. Either all my supporting documents (pictures, news clips, lists, PDFs etc) have to all be in the same folder, regardless of story. Or I have to separate the location of the story from the supporting material. both these solutions to the single folder scenario are inconvenient. Why can't folder path be stored with each story, then each story can sync with the correct folder? Also... is iOS Storyist 3 iCloud drive compatable? I see that storyist 3 for the mac is, but I can not get to the stories from the iOS version. Thanks.
  4. I was hoping to get some feedback on this topic. Is there any information about reading and writing to subfolders with dropbox with the iPad app?
  5. I was so happy when my first 200 copies of Clash of the Fae came in I couldn't think straight. It was the first story I wrote and published through Createspace. Storyist was great for making it happen! It was written as a backstory for a Steampunk event we had here in Troy, NY. If you are into steampunk and magic, maybe you might like this. I learned a lot about formatting, getting it into a readable form, the trials and tribulations of trying to get people to proofread it (jeesh). Anyway, if you are interested its available at Amazon as a book or Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/Clash-Fae-Troy-Steampunk-Novella-ebook/dp/B00NOEGM06
  6. It works out OK. even though paragraphs seem to get lost going from Storyist to Hemingway, they come back in the other direction. You also have to copy/paste in chunks of 10 pages or less because it gets laggy. So yeah, its awkward.... but not debilitating
  7. ‚ÄčIm not sure why it matters if Hemingway doesn't like Dickens. Run on sentences suck, even if he wrote them. Its a useful tool especially for those of us who don't have a lot of resources.
  8. huh, I'll check that, but I do not have a BT keyboard. I was happily typing and it all of a sudden did this. I'll let you know.
  9. So, longshot here. But hemmingway is pretty nice for finding stupid or complicated sentences in your text to help you smooth out your prose. I have no idea if there is an API for the on-line hemmingway. I have no idea if the algorithm is available. But it would be nice to have it within storyist.
  10. I have no idea what I did to make my keyboard disappear. I have tried a dozen things to try to get it back. I tried: swiping up to pull the keyboard up pressing each of the keys still shown. they just did what they do leaving the manuscript and trying a different one leaving the book and coming back leaving the app and coming back leaving the app, removing it from the background and restarting the app leaving app, removing it from background, and restart ipad I cant seem to get my keyboard back. Any idea?
  11. I just saw that in storyist 3 (you have one customer right here!) you are using icloud drive. I'm not sure this will make make this problem easier (I havent used icloud drive) as im unsure how supplementary files in project folders will work.
  12. Its possible im not doing something right. However I think that storyist uses one single folder for all the work. This doesnt work awesomely for me. When I'm working on a story, I may have pictures, some research, some clips or links. And I want to be able to keep items that went into each story in a single folder. So my story ends up in a folder with all the supporting documentation. I realize I can bring most of it into the storyist file itself, but that is not convenient when I have an original photo file and I am photoshopping it as needed. I dont want to stick both original and the various revisions in the storyist file, I just want everything to be in a folder. However, the ipad version just wants to sync stuff with one single folder /storyist. So I can pull in files from a specific folder, but then the ipad version, makes new files in the parent folder. It should sync to the folder that contains the file I took it from. Why even have a folder defined in the settings, just sync to where the file came from. That would be a lot easier.
  13. I am trying to copy and paste text from one source into storyist. The paste works fine, and selcting text and applying a style works fine. However, it appears that applying a style ignores the text background. I cant change the background from the source, so I am wondeering how I change the background in storyist. I dont see the feature anywhere.
  14. Thanks Marguerite, I am using storyist to write fiction also. Its the ipad version that sold me. But this lack of footnotes, endnotes, or linkable references really burns me up. Some of the appeal of what I am writing is that most of the facts in the story are real, and I want people to be able to look up aspects of the story that interest them. Lack of chapter numbering doesnt really bother me, but I can see how it may be annoying if you want to insert a new chapter in the middle of the book. is there a list of features that are definitely being worked on and will be seen in a next version?
  15. really? three weeks no replies or comments? Am I the only one who wants a feature like this?
  16. New to storyist and frankly writing. I'm an engineer with two books and one sequel in my head that have been bothering me, trying to get out. I finally gave in and am going to give a shot to writing them. One is a thriller and other is kind of a light hearted historical journey. We'll find out if I am funny enough to pull off the second one. Anyway, I'm accustomed to supporting my contentions (writing science papers will do that to you) and both of the books I want to write are science and history related! So I want to give the reader some way to "check my work". If you have ever read a Micheal Chricton book you will know what I mean. Whatever you think about his writing or his claims in his books, I liked the method by which the book seemed more solid by having references. I only have the iPad version of storyist (you are awesome for making that step! It is why I went with storyist) so maybe I am missing something, but is there a way to get automatically numbered (and super scripted) footnotes or chapter references? It seems like a major feature and I don't really see much about it covered in these forums.
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