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  1. I am a long-time iPad Storyist 3 user, but a few of the functions are starting to not work so the time has come to upgrade. The reason I have put it off for so long is I am TERRIFIED of losing all my work. I have a lot of files and a lot of words, with comments, index cards etc etc. I know they are all safely backed up on Dropbox, but I want to triple check that there is a foolproof system for transferring them and that they will work seamlessly on Storyist 4, with the same formats, section headings etc. I’ve scanned the website but can’t see a guide to transferring files,
  2. Am just checking that the new version of Storist for iPad does not contain any more word-count options. I mean the ability to highlight a section and check the wc, or see how much you have written in one day or how much a chapter contains. A quick appeal for this to be included on the next update if at all possible, as it would be darned handy. I have been a satisfied Storyist user for well over a year now; more than 200,000 words and still going strong. The update, with its easier highlighting and flicking between projects, improved an already excellent product - many thanks Steve.
  3. Thanks for your help, both of you. Will try unzipping the files when I know everything is nice and safe and backed up in a at least three other places - but isgood to know there is an emergency red-button option. It has stopped raining and the sun is shining just in time for the Olympics. It won't last.
  4. Thank-you Marguerite, at least I know I'm not missing a step. Obviously, when my book is published and I am a best-selling author I will have top-level Macs scattered around the house. Until then I am managing with my lovely iPad and a less-than-lovely PC. It is no big deal to save stuff singly and at least I know they are backed up somewhere if I use the sync.
  5. I've probably got the wrong end of the stick here, but after setting up one-touch sync with Storyist on my iPad via Dropbox on my laptop, how do I then open up the files on my laptop? Microsoft won't recognise them. I can save sort of manually, which gives you an option to save in plain text or RTF, and that works fine. But I liked the idea of a quick sync everytime I finished working. Is there an option somewhere so they don't automatically save into the .story format? Apologies in advance if I have totally missed the point. It's been raining for three months here, starting to get damp on
  6. This has worked the first time I tried it and took just a couple of minutes. Nothing to it! I feel a right dumbo... Many thanks Marguerite.
  7. You don't seem to be able to move from one project to another BUT I have yet to explore what working in landscape does (as your previous solution proves).
  8. Yay! Thank-you Marguerite, that has worked - and thanks for replying Garrick. Still can't work out how to move the manuscript I created inside the wrong folder, but can simply cut and paste it into a new one. Am now getting to grips with Dropbox - trying to import a Word document is not going to happen is it? Hmm, thought not...
  9. Just installed Storyist and have imported my half-finished manuscript. Comments feature is excellent, but how can I delete the comments once I've done with them. I don't mean lose the text, but get rid of the yellow square altogether? Also... in my haste to get started I created my new project INSIDE the getting started folder. It's no big deal, but I am a bit obsessive compulsive and like things to be neat - how can I move it into the New Projects section?
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