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  1. When I opened up the storyist file I had worked on the night before, all the work I had done that day was missing. I had saved my work as I went along but the file indicates that the last modification was done on April 20, at 7:13 pm. When I finished work last night (April 22) I saved the file. Closed it. Used finder to copy it and an excel file to a local USB drive where I had it make a copy instead of replace it. I then continued to an cloud storage site and pasted those files there. This time I let the copy program overwrite the files at that location. It appears that I somehow used the file from April 20 when I did all of that. I had autosave configured to save every 20 minutes but there are no filename (Autosaved).story files in the folder. Also, when I go into Time Machine the file I was working on never changed even though Time Machine ran several times while I was working, nor did a autosave file appear. I opened some of the backup files and the changes were not there. I know I saved the work I did several times during the period. I made some changes to the sections sheets and arrangement and saved before and after making those changes. I'm running Storyist 2.4.5, OSX 10.8.5, on an iMac. Anybody got any idea what happened?
  2. Steve, Can I send you a current copy of my file? It's still taking a long time to save and today I was trying to edit a Notebook entry and couldn't. I could save the file but Storyist wouldn't let me close it. Or is there a unix way to clean up the file? I made a back up and restored it into a new project, but it's still not letting me edit an entry in notebooks. Bill
  3. I write novels in Storyist because it's a very powerful and helpful tool for aspiring novelists. My editor currently transfers the files so she can work on them in Word. She hates Word, would rather use anything rather than Word, but doesn't see any alternative to transfering my files into Word so that she can use "track changes" (aka redlining) to edit the book. I, on the other hand, hate to switch over to Word to review the changes, accept, correct, or create new content. I want to be able to use Storyist. Any tips out there on how others have solved this problem? Bill
  4. M - do you use session goals? I use them daily and noticed that there was a problem with deleting goals that was supposed to be fixed. Could that be causing the slow file save? It's only in Storyist that I notice any delay in saving files. I've created templates from the prior novel for three or four times now. Thanks again! Bill
  5. Orren (Sorry about the Owen.) My 27" iMac is older. 3.2 GHz Intel Core i3 and I've got a 1TB SATA disk, four gigs of memory. The file I was talking about was 382KB. How big is your file?
  6. Marguerite I did as you suggested and that was frighteningly fast and effective--and I never would have thought to do it that way. Wow. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks Marguerite. I thought that's what I was going to have to do and tried selecting the manuscript and delete was grayed out on the taskbar at the top. Maybe I can use the delete function at the bottom? Hadn't thought to check it. Owen--how long does it take to safe your files? I save as I go and by the time I'm getting close to 80,000 words it take a while (I have to pause) to save the file. I've learned not to try and do anything else in Storyist while saving the file. Thanks for your help! Write on.
  8. I'm about to start on the fifth novel in my series and want to move the characters, settings, and notebook entries to a blank file. I've tried saving the fouth novel as a template but that brings all the manuscript and section sheets with it too. What am I missing? I only do this every six months or so and can't remember what worked or didn't work the last time. This is such a wonderful piece of software I'm sure I'm just overlooking the obvious. TIA Bill
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