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  1. The blue little pins on the index card view, is it possible to make them disappear? They are hiding the text on the header of the Index card... (I'm talking about the Mac version)
  2. I'd recommend Scribophile, I think that's exactly what you're asking for! www.scribophile.com Give it a try!
  3. I would like to recommend the site Scribophile (www.scribophile.com) as it has a wonderful community of writers. Basically it's a online Writing Group/Writing Workshop, you earn Karma points for reviewing/editing other peoples work and with these points you can the post your own work and get this reviewed/edited. There are different groups one could join to discuss specific genres etc. Oh, and the best part? It's free I warmly recommend the site! - Nico
  4. I've not done an Kindle export myself but I think this is mentioned in the Publish To Kindle video... But I'm sure one of the experts will come to your rescue soon
  5. I've told my family to hide under the table, not so much for the Mayan Apocalypse as for the rabid bunnies *shudder*
  6. I agree Thoth, It's not a deal-breaker but it would be very nice to have. I'm more amazed that you and zengeek could decipher my cryptic "Feature Request"
  7. Thank you! :-) I forgot to add that I wanted to congratulate you on writing 100k plus words, and that I liked the cover. Please let us know if you get it published!
  8. Hi and welcome to the forums, I'm new here myself. A question, are you planning on self publishing the book? Br, Nico
  9. Haha! Yes, I've tried them all. But deep down I think it's just an excuse to not write... But one thing that puts Storyist on top is the simple fact that since I've started writing in it I'm in 6000 words... That there is a win for me :-)
  10. Don't know if this has been asked for already (couldn't find it in a forum search) but I would like to be able to have an "intelligent" session tracker, that get's updated every midnight or something so that I do not have to re-set it every time I sit down to write. I would also like to have a calendar function in the setting of the project goal, NanoWrimo for instance, and then have the tracker calculate how many words I have to write each day and at midnight updating it with more or less depending on how much I have written the day before...
  11. Thank you for the welcome Thoth! Oh, by the way I have and use Scrivener 2.3, StoryMill 4 as well as Ulysses but now that I've found Storyist I think I'll stick with it or a while.
  12. Hello all! I just wanted to introduce myself, a long time lurker of these forums (forae, fora??). The name's Nicolas and I live and work in Stockholm, Sweden. And yes, it's currently snowing and it's 10 degrees below zero (that's celcius if you where wondering). Love the program (Mac and iPad) although I spend to much time fiddling with settings and moving Index Cards around and no time actually writing. Cheers! Oh, a quick question.... What made you choose Storyist over the multitude of other software out there? (Ulysses, Scrivener, StoryMill et al)
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