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  1. I just tried that and the template works great on the desktop version but when I try to use it on the iPad version it just acts like a normal screenplay.
  2. I'm using Storyist for iPad but I'm trying to create a template on the desktop version to send over. Is there a way to copy the actual template from Final Draft. I'm looking for a comic book and tv show one and I would love to use the one from final draft itself. Thank you.
  3. Hi all I'm writing film screenplays, comic books and tv screenplays on final draft. After getting an iPad a friend of mine directed me to Storyist to continue writing when I'm away from my laptop. I've noticed that the app has a template for screenplay (which I'm guessing is for films), novels and I think stage plays but I've also been told that you can create templates or people send you theirs if they're willing. I was wondering though can you create your own or get other templates on the app or just on the desktop version and if you can get it on the iPad app how would you create it/insta
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