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  1. Hey there. First of all, love the software. However, i have always had one glaring problem. I recently updated and thought it would fix it (it was present in the change log), but it didn't. Whenever I import an .fdx file (wheter it be a stageplay format or one hou drama) I can't get it to recognize my TAB button when trying to go from DIalogue->Parenthetical. Same goes for Character STYLE. I want to be able to hit TAB and go to parentheical...but even after I set the settings, it won't let me. I have the Dialogue STYLE set so that if I hit RETURN, it goes to Character and if
  2. Hey, Love the app. Way to go. i purchased this the same time I purchased Final Draft Writer and i have to admit....I like Storyist better. Gives me more control over the entire project and NOT just the writing of the script. I do have TWO requests, though (and, i do not own the STORYIST for MAC so I don't know if these features even exist on the desktop version): 1. Please add a "Stageplay", "One Hour Drama", and "Sitcom/Half-Hour Comedy" template. WIsh I could start one of these from scratch within the iPad without having to change all of the elements each time I do so. 2.
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