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  1. Hi, I was waiting to write back, as I wanted to try your ideas out when it happened again, but since the OS on my iPad updated a few days ago... nada! I guess this is good news (and Apple software was the culprite)! As to versions... I got my iPad (the newest one) and Storyist just 2/3 days before Nano started - hope that helps. I'm a terribly uncoordinated person when it comes to technology so not sure of much beyond that. Thanks for the help. :-)
  2. Hi all, I have come with a very peculiar problem... I have found that occasionally, for no particular reason I can determine, files on Storyist (on my iPad, never on my computer) turn grey and when I open them, that's all I see - grey. So I end up having to write in Pages instead, disaster! This problem seems to solve itself, usually after about 5 minutes, again for no particular reason. What am I doing wrong? I do use Storyist with Dropbox, but I doubt this is the problem as this sequence of events also occurred the other day when I had no internet connection whatsoever.
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