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    I am a Video game programmer, that has returned to University and who enjoys photography as a hobby.

    One day I suddenly found myself writing a short story.

    100k words later and I don't think it can be called a short any more. I have never written before, so learning everything!
  1. I am new to a the mac os space. I have figured out how to use automator to make workflows, and I assume that they can then be used within storyist. What I was trying to figure out is how to create a new work flow. What I have is a Doc file with deltion, addtions, and edits marked as changes. Can I make a workflow that will open the .doc file and then apply those changes to the storiest manuscript? Possibly with a accept/ reject/ both UI buttons on a per change base? Or am I completely missing how the workflows are suppose to operate?
  2. I can recommend Bea she has been doing a excellent job on my horrid spelling and her rates are VERY reasonable for a starving student. http://macsmusings.wordpress.com/services-available/
  3. I have had this problem also, especially in editing the POV, and other plot fields. Some times it will not put the cursor where you want it. Some of the fields moving the mouse will turn it into a little hand, then clicking will get you a menu to link to characters or scenes. I think the UI needs some fixing so it is more obvious what needs to be done in these fields.
  4. yes. I plan to have a good long sleep and relax. Then for x-mass I will be out at the farm for 4 days, no internets.... first world problems...
  5. yes, but I would also like a way to bring those changes back into storyist. MS doc format sounds fine, then all we would need would be the import changes. sounds simple, as a programmer, I know it would not be.
  6. cool, I will check it out.
  7. I am planning on just a Ebook. Maybe a single print on demand version for my self. But I have been wondering for along time about something. A lot of thime when I buy a bunch of e-books I have them all on my kindel. Then when I get around to reading them I don't recall what they are about. Most E-books lack the back cover description of the book once downloaded. I have been thinking of adding my back cover image as a second image at the start of the book. Or should I just have the text on a single page before the copyright info? anyone have any opinions on this?
  8. The ability ot have your manuscript exported into a platform agnostic format that could be loaded by a editor in a small app (mac, windows, ipad) all changes are tracked. then when the edited file is returned the author can review each change choose which edits to accept or not. thanks.
  9. A feature that you could specify the type of name you want. Male, Female, young old, Fantasy, Fictiuon, Victorian, Sci-Fi, barbarian, Western, asian, euroeaon,... and so on. then it spits out a hand full of random names that are pronounceable,
  10. I have found a Editor that has quite reasonable prices. http://macsmusings.wordpress.com/services-available/ I was quoted $75.00 yes less than $100 dollars for 110k words. She said she will also do a 5-10 page sample if you want to try her out.
  11. maybe I should upload it here, for some free editing ?
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