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  1. Except for--duh--that they are named identically Okay, this definitely allows linkage. Not necessarily in plot point => scene sheet => manuscript section type of flow, but it seems workable. Also, this seems to confirm that linking multiple scene sheets and/or plot points to a manuscript section is not really part of this design. Thanks again, Rusty.
  2. HI Rusty, Thanks much for that tip. After playing with this for a while, I've come to realize that by looking at the Scene Sheet, even after linking to a manuscript section, that you can't tell what it's linked to. You can only do the reverse, which is to say that you can only see what scene sheet is linked to a manuscript section by viewing in storyboard view. Is that right? Best, Kim
  3. Hi there, Let’s say you create a plot point and then you decide to create a linked Scene Sheet where you flesh out what will happen in the scene that executes that plot point along with character info, setting, conflict, etc. that are all linked to the Scene Sheet. This all seems to make sense in helping one develop material and organize around actually writing the scene, which would ultimately become a chapter/section in the manuscript. It would seem that the next logical step following this process would be to create one or more sections within the manuscript that support the Scene Sheet and thus deliver upon the plot point. I may be blind or entirely misunderstanding the reasons for each of these Storyist elements, but I must ask: how does one actually link a manuscript section to a Section Sheet? Ideally, if I got this right, a plot point should be linkable to multiple Scene Sheets in order to support a plot theme. And these Section Sheets should be linkable to one or more sections of the manuscript. Would anyone be so kind as to elaborate on how Storyist elements fall into place as part of their writing workflow? Also, if this has been covered before, please point to existing threads in the forum. I looked but couldn’t find anything that got to the heart of this matter. All the Best, Kim
  4. Hi there, Thanks for helping. This is a weird one. I've done the following after taking your advice under consideration: Renamed folder on Mac in iCloud Drive Changed Storyist iOS on phone to be on iCloud. Doing this seemed to sync copies to the iCloud. Created a new text file on the iPhone named "FindMe!". This also seemed to sync. Looked in iCloud Drive but didn't see any new folder created, or new files synched. Performed a search on all volumes, including hidden files and folders for the file named "FindMe!". This provided no results. Oddly, this is similar behavior to another application, MindNode Pro, except that I can see that this app stores it's files in a directory under /Library/Mobile Applications/, which is where things were stored in the interim between iCloud and iCloud Drive, and I can actually see these files when searching for them. On my iPhone, two folders are clearly visible when I tap the plus sign and select iCloud Drive: there is one called Storyist with a nice icon than holds the files I mentioned prior that seemed to be synched, and there is the one that I have renamed. I appreciate any assistance you might be able to provide, and since DropBox works and has always worked, I'm not really in any rush to get this working. All the best, Kim
  5. Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble with this. I had a folder in iCloud Drive named Storyist before this new iOS. I've always used DropBox, but I must have dabbled with iCloud at some point to have had this folder created. I'm pretty sure that I never created it manually (but I could be remembering wrong). With this iOS version, I selected iCloud when prompted. I moved a DropBox version of a current project to iCloud Drive folder using the Mac On my iPhone, I see two folders named Storyist. One has a nice folder icon, the other just looks like a blank folder. The Storyist folder on the iPhone is not visible on the Mac. Renaming and/or deleting the Mac version of the folder doesn't seem to change anything. If I add a file from the Mac-visible folder to my iPhone from the Mac-visible folder, it seems that the iOS version gets a copy and then synchs it up to the iOS-visible folder on iCloud. In this scenario, I have two independent files that do not synch with each other. I cannot find the iOS-visible folder (or its contents) anywhere on my Mac using search. I'm back in DropBox mode now, until I can figure this out. Any ideas? Thanks, Kim
  6. As an update to this, I found that tapping edit and then the sync button on the iPhone does actually sync with my dropbox folder, however, the behavior that I see is a new copy of my manuscript labeled with (Kim's iPhone) in addition with the other files from the drop box folder. This file did not not seem to sync back up to the folder until a second sync was performed. I think I'm getting the hang of how this works now...
  7. Hello Folks, I've recently installed Storyist (I love it!) on my iPhone and tapped the plus sign. At the prompt, I selected "Copy from Dropbox". It worked! I made a few edits, and... How do I sync these changes back to dropbox to be seen on my Mac and iPad? Thanks, Kim
  8. Hi Steve, That's what I was looking for, thanks. If I were clever, I would find the Paper 1 pattern image and shade it to my spec; but, I'm not that clever. So, I did monkey around with using a custom pattern by starting with something like this and then toning it in Photoshop; however, I'm not sure of the right dimensions so the graphic looks blurry in the background and the seams are visible and somewhat distracting. Maybe on a future release you can stick in a pre-fab sepia pattern. For now, I'm fine with a solid color. I started with FFCC99 and slid around for a bit until I got it right for my eyes. Best, Kim
  9. Hello, Storyist is great. I'm a new fan of the product. Recently, I converted my current work in progress to the platfrom from another competitive product, and I'm finding that Storyist is possibly the way forward for me. So far so good! I have a background in IT and software development. If I can help by contributing as a beta tester, please consider me a valid candidate. My personal needs for an iPhone product are few. I just want to be able to read/edit synched content, rather than many of the other full blown features. Regardless, I'd love to see what you've thought of and accomplished so far. You should see me as having signed up on test flight. Best, Kim
  10. Hi there, I noticed something weird and potentially dangerous while working with Storyist. If I'm in a notecard and I paste something in, that works just fine. Let's say I paste something in that I don't want. If I do Command-Z to undo this, the pasted item remains; however, I notice that other things get undone. To reproduce this: Add a new blank section to any chapter Delete it Go to Storyboard view Open an existing notecard Paste something in there Press Command-Z What I see is that the section I deleted in step 2 returns. Command-Shift-Z (redo) will make it disappear again, with still no activity in the notecard. Repeated Command-Z's seem to perform continued undos without the user really knowing what's going on. I press Command-Z *a lot*, and it seems like this might be a bug that might cause users to potentially lose stuff without realizing it until it's too late. Best, Kim
  11. Hi there, I'm *just* getting into using Storyist, and I like what I see so far. One thing that would be nice is the ability to change the background color of the "paper" in Full Screen View. There are some who prefer white text on a black background. My personal preference is a sepia color on the paper. While I know I can adjust the brightness of my screen with the F1 button, sepia is just easier on the eyes over bright white. StoryMill by Mariner Software has a nice way of allowing full control over Full Screen View. I think Storyist users will like having more control here. Best, Kim
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