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  1. I've been trying to convert a Storyist novel project into a PDF. Yes, I've read the instructions. Yes, I've searched the forum. The instructions tell us to: The first step in creating a PDF for print is to create a new project item to hold your book. To accomplish this, choose File > New > Book. Problem is, that choice isn't available when I first open Storyist. Marguerite suggests creating the project first. Once I chose "Novel", the File>New>Book becomes available, unfortunately, when I add the Blurb choice, it slaps the Blurb choice into the left menu and now I have two it
  2. Steve, Thank you for sending the screen shot. The arrow is missing all the time in my current project window. If I can figure out how to get my screenshot on here, you'll see what I mean. I haven't checked all my files yet, but one out of four did show the arrow. If you notice on my screenshot, the up and down scroll arrows are missing beside "spacing" as well as the arrows. I realize they are only visible if there is a problem, but all I see is a tiny red dot which is probably the edge of the arrow. Okay, I can't figure out how to attach an image! When I hit image it wants an URL.
  3. This may also have to do with upgrading to Sierra and the latest Storyist, but the little red arrow and drop down menu for editing the various style sheets isn't visible on the Novel template sidebar. When I try and enlarge the page, the sidebar remains the same size so I can't stretch the page and enlarge the sidebar. I can barely see a little bit of the boxes to the right of all the spacing selections and tab section for editing those. Since I was looking for them, I can access the edit window which drops down in the middle of the page from the top if I click at the edge of the page by
  4. Thank you both for your responses. And the info about points and pica. Brings back the days of typewriters and the choice between pica and elite! Sorry to be slow in replying, I managed to trip over some uneven pavement and crack my knee cap. Been dealing with an immobilizer brace and then rehab! Not fun! ginger
  5. I probably made a huge mistake, but I recently updated to Sierra and then updated into the latest Storyist version. All my projects were transformed into Storyist 3 from 2. It doesn't appear that my style sheets converted correctly so I have multiple formatting errors to fix. The main issue involves the Chapter Title style sheet, although it is also appearing in section separator. Under spacing, all the indents are in inches. Then the "before and after" paragraphs switch to points. This is in the side window. If I open "edit style drop down menu" those slots are calibrated in inches.
  6. For any interested party, I found a way to get an error free epub check. I didn't use the latest version of epubchecker. Repeated visits to the download page made me aware that there are a lot of updates going on. When I used the 3.2 version, I got an error message. When I ran the same Storyist generated ePub through version 3.0, it came out error free. On the chance the ePub was error free, I submitted it to Apple, B&N and Kobo. B&n and Kobo have put the ePub into their bookstore, still waiting on Apple. I found that sticking to the basics as far as style with Storyist an
  7. Thank you for responding! It's a collection of 21 essays, no art except the cover image. I'm doing the iBooks version first b/c I use a Mac and can preview the epub on my laptop since Mavericks added that capability. And of course, the epub looks great on iBooks, but I figure the error message means iTunes Producer will kick it back. The essays are under the manuscripts menu. There's a cover image in images and 6 separate notebook entries for copyright, title page, etc. I did that because one of the forum discussions suggested using notebook entries which can be selected and positioned wh
  8. I exported my manuscript into ePub format and naturally it came back with a warning. After looking all over the Internet for help, I think I've figured out where the issue lies. Since I'm not at all knowledgeable in HTML or CSS or any other techy stuff, I'm wondering if I did something in the manuscript that needs to be corrected rather than trying to tinker with the HTML. From what I've gleaned in my research, the id in the ncx (which is what??) doesn't match with opf id. Of course, there may be something else awry, but since I don't read HTML (seriously thinking I need a class in this s
  9. Thanks for the tips on how to include links in your Storyist manuscript. I was mostly interested in being able to provide my web site addy in the ePub as those seem to appear in most ebooks and are linked. You can tell I haven't used Storyist enough to even realize that capability was there! Yeah, I can't figure out how to make the cover show up first b/c it does in a few of the ebooks on my iPad, but most of the time you have to page back to it. In fact, I was reading an ebook last night and the opening page was blank. It was from a major book publisher, too! OTOH when I flipped the page,
  10. Marquerite, Thanks a lot for your response and kind welcome. I've been lurking for several weeks and reading bunches of Q&A b/c I didn't want to bother folks with something that's already been answered. I'm beginning to suspect putting any hyperlinks are done at the various retail upload sites since they don't want you putting in a competitor's link, like a B&N link in a Kindle ebook. I'm sure I read it somewhere and it just took awhile to hit my brainbox! I actually had copied and saved another post from you to another newbie about using the Notebook format for the Title
  11. I'm a relative newcomer to Storyist and have spent the past several weeks getting acquainted with publishing via ePub. As a forever Mac user I have a basic knowledge of Word b/c my publishers wanted everything in Word, but most of my projects are in Pages. I was learning Storyist for my story writing and then discovered I can use it to convert my projects into ePub and Mobi. This was an exciting discovery b/c I have been taking online classes for self-publishing and since I'm a control freak I didn't want to go the Smashwords route. I'm having pretty good luck with my first project (st
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