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  1. Isn't this vid a bit outdated now? Accessing the cards in ver 2.1.1 is different and where is the gear/cog icon?
  2. I have discovered that if I click the i at the end of the title then it brings up the card option on the bottom menu. This step is not in the tutorial video or explained in the other posts giving advice on this feature.
  3. I seem to be having a prob with 2.1.1 in my iPad4 I can follow the instructions to get the index cards to appear in the side bar with the text file to their right but when I try this it doesn't work. When I open the outline view the only options on the bottom menu are (left to right) + then the box with the arrow then the pin. There is no gear and no way to select a card view. Any suggestions?
  4. I use the comments function and like it but because of the nature of my manuscript I need the footnotes or endnotes to appear in the finished article. It is a pity that this iPad version does not even have bookmarks. All I can do is transfer the chapters from storyist to my PC then import them into Scrivener to input the foot/endnotes; references; and index etc. As this is the case I am thinking of abandoning storyist and using Pages or something similar.
  5. That explains it! I wanted to use them as a workaround for the absence of endnotes etc.
  6. When I access My Settings in my account all I can see is a block of computer script which ends by saying 'fatal error'. Same when I select Edit My Settings. What has gone wrong?
  7. I am a new user and have been trying to find how to insert bookmarks in the iPad. I have tried selecting text but I cannot find any bookmark option. Is there one?
  8. I agree with the need for footnotes/endnotes/references etc and even an index option for a writing programme. I had not realised that these functions were absent on the iPad until I started writing. I wanted to use this app to write up our family histories but without these options this app is not suitable. That is really disappointing. I suppose I may use it as a text editor and wait until Scrivener brings out the iPad app but I have things like Pages and PlainText etc already! Frustrating - I had started to like this app!
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