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  1. Thank you M. Callista was last active on the forum Jul 13 2013 05:54 PM (about a month ago) according to her forum page. Like me, she may just be lurking now. Hope you're enjoying the summer. Today was lovely. My very best to you and yours, -Thoth.
  2. Happy Birthday Calli I guess your big Three-Oh was enough to get me out of my cave. Enjoy a slice of virtual cake Zero Calories despite appearances. -Thoth
  3. Tried it. Thanks. Works just fine. Still looking for cover ideas. -Thoth.
  4. Now I'm getting: 404 Whoah! You broke something! Just kidding! You tried going to http://michellemerton.com/%E2%80%9D, which doesn't exist, so that means I probably broke something. The following is a list of the latest posts from the blog. Maybe it will help you find what you're looking for. But I was still able to access four covers in her portfolio. Thanks for the alert. -Thoth
  5. Orren, I seem to be having trouble with your link. All I get is: Safari can’t open the page “http://michellemerton.com/” because Safari can’t find the server “michellemerton.com”. Still, nice cover. -Thoth
  6. Order placed with Amazon. Book expected Tuesday. Then it goes into my reading queue. Looking forward to the experience. -Thoth
  7. Bravo, kudos, mazel tov Orren. And yes, good cover. Very 1930s art deco. Eye catching. You're a writing machine, OM. -Thoth
  8. Hi Norman. System Preferences > Universal Access > Mouse > Cursor Size Hard to find, I know. -Thoth
  9. Brava! Throw in some midnight snuggles and it's just about perfect. Dancing on tabletops is overrated. (They don't make coasters big enough to avoid scuffing.) My brother (who missed the party) is coming over tomorrow (Sunday) for some post-birthday fun. I wonder what he has in mind? -T
  10. You're welcome, of course. Indeed. I trust you and Sir Percy enjoyed equal (or perhaps superior) coziness. -T
  11. Yep. Them "sundry" can be such a bother. I understand, my shy one. Thank you for the date. Happy Birthday, anyway. Indeed! The bed was crowded but very cozy. -T
  12. And I missed it? I notice that you don't post your birthday in Members. Would you like to PM the date to me, my shy EAO? Back to the party (only the die hards and sleep overs are left) -T
  13. Thank you Marguerite. Yes, the year has really sped by. I hardly remember any of it — or is that just the price of turning 59? My home is actually full of party guests and well-wishers at the moment and I'm being rude to them. (Moochers!) I will be displaying your beautiful virtual cake on my screen for the next few hours (I clicked Save and dragged it to my Slideshow folder). Then I'm going to gobble it down, saving a nice slice for you. Inappropriately big hugs and my very warmest regards (while tremulously awaiting birthday spanks), -Thoth.
  14. Crazy busy, TAS. There's no joy in Thothyland lately. But the weather has been nice the last two days. Spring-like, actually. Wish I had time to go out and enjoy it. Hope your "block" has given you the opportunity to stop and smell the Marylander roses. -T
  15. Ah. Womb or egg? Fizchick is a mystery wrapped in an enigma covered in minty chocolate. -T
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