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  1. Marguerite I'll take 16th-century Russia and Irina, a feminist female agent trying to break out of the local equivalent of purdah to confront her personal bad guy, who will have to be a close family member of her 16th-century persona if she's even to get a chance to talk to him. Unless "he" turns out to be her mother-in-law--I see some interesting plot twists there. Thoth Oops. Almost forgot. I'll take Roswell, NM, 1947. I have this crazy idea about how to work in a 12-year-old Elvis. So, that leaves me like, last week, in my back yard, as a squirrel digging for nuts in the snow?
  2. It is pretty quiet here from what I've noticed in the short time I've been around. As each day goes by, I just see us coming closer to the start date. It would be nice to have a solid head count, a buy in from everyone and a firm plan. I don't have any issues with the approach you laid out Marguerite. carve
  3. I say we go for it. I realize I'm the new kid on the block, but it seems that we are at the point that we need to find out how many of us are willing to sign up for such a challenging, intriguing, psychotic project. To me a complete novel is the goal, because, well that would just be cool. Since 50,000 is the magic number, then once we have a list of participants we can start fleshing things out, and dividing up pages, chapters and eras in time. But unless the calendar on the four computers on my desk are wrong, the race starts in five days from now, which is not much time to come up with a gr
  4. In fact, the time travel SF angle might be an advantage to the round robin approach. If you had the protagonist leap into various characters throughout time in a first person POV, you may be able to compensate for some of the differences in the writing styles between the authors. As there would be in fact different characters, they would naturally speak, act and view things through different sets of eyes. carve
  5. Not to be the accountant of the group, but if we are shooting for 50,000 words in 30 days, and passing it around, am I to assume that you won't necessarily wait for the previous chapter(s) to be completed to begin your chapter? If we are waiting, I just see the poor last lad having like 30 minutes to write their 2,500 words, like you are the anchor leg on a really bad relay team. The advantage of this approach would be that you might have some continuity to the story. I like the SF time travel comedy. Are you thinking along the lines of a Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure type of escap
  6. You are right in that Thoth. Having an vibrant user community is all any developer can hope for, especially when that group is a creative group like you have with writers. As much as any developer can set in front of their computer and dream up features on their own, having a group that uses their product on a daily basis, in ways that the developer never thought of is well, priceless. Then to have them share that with you freely, you couldn't ask for anything more. carve
  7. One of the technical books I wrote back a decade+ plus ago, included an example of how to create a CD player. That was before CD players were readily available as an application with every PC. As I worked on the chapter, and the demo app, I must have listened to the first 10 - 15 seconds of this one song over a hundred times while I was testing and debugging the features of the app. Why I didn't change songs, or CDs, I will never know, but I have never been able to listen to that song since. carve
  8. Thanks Marguerite. I'll check out your suggestions. carve
  9. Thanks Marguerite. I'll check out your suggestions. carve
  10. I would want to keep all versions. As for the backup functionality, is there something that I have to configure to turn this on because under this path the only folder I have is /Templates. carve
  11. I really have to start using more of the Wiki functionality that it supports. Up to this point I've been working in more of the folder hierarchy fashion. But I'm thinking that the Notebook would be far more useful if I leveraged more of the Wiki features. This is where I wish the Notebook was HTML rather than plain text so that I could embed images and have greater control over the format of the pages. carve
  12. Ah, an early Christmas present. Thanks Steve.
  13. Steve, You are in fact correct in both cases. I am a developer and knows that you must justify the cost of investing your time enhancing a product. Plus as I look at the wish list that has grown under this section, I would estimate that it will be no small task to implement. I would think that given the fact that I brought up the topic of offering to pay that my requests would somehow make their way to the top of the list of the first features implemented. carve
  14. Thoth got me thinking with his repositioning request. In addition to opening up my last story, and repositioning to where I was last working, I would like to have everything else set back to where I left it. That is to say the treeview display expanded for manuscript, sections, characters. The storyboard displayed with whatever was there, pretty much bringing me right back to where I was at work wise when I last exited a given Storyist file. Note, I said a Storyist file, so you could set a preference that would bring any Storyist file right back to where you left it. carve
  15. This would be sweet. +1 for me. carve
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