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  1. Hello eveybody, I'm a french writer, user Storyist for years now and I love it. Except for one thing : the footnotes management. I have to use "tricks" to replace the function, like comments (but not printable, so not useful for this purpose) or with a markdown tag (better, but I have to rework all the text in another word processor and it's a pain in the ass). I would like to know if the other Storyist users have found better tricks to manage this issue. Thank you in advance for your help. rds O.G.
  2. Version 4, still no footnotes ! I'm very desapointed. Impossible to replace Screvener by Storyist, due to the lake of this feature. I've seen in the forum that the feature was in the lab in 2012 ! Please finalise it, it's important for many users.
  3. Hello everybody, First, I'm a french writer so sorry for my english. I'm methods engineer, thriller and SF writer. I used to write daily since 2001 and I'm a Storyist user for years. My two last novels (second part of "Baron Noir", my steampunk serie, and "Evariste", a thriller) were written on Storyist and I'm working on the third volume of the Baron Noir saga (250 pages yet. 100 more expected). For novel, I don't know a better tool than Storyist. I love the way to prepare the novel structure on iPad, and the way to write and follow the work on my computer. For technical book (I wro
  4. Hello I've the same issue. I'm used to write historic novels, with plenty of footnotes. To replace the missing function, I'm using a markdown syntaxe as "(* Text of the note )" or {FN Text of the note} It's not very convenient, because I have to work on Ulysse or other markdown editor to replace the marks, but it works. I hope Storyist will consider the need of this very simple function for a next version. If an administrator of this forum could give us his opinion on this, it would be nice. rds O.G.
  5. Hello, I'm a french writer and I used to write my novels on Storyist. I try to promote it around me, but the lack of multi language support is a real problem. People doesn't understand why the iOS version is available in French and not the mac version. Consequently, Ulysses is generally prefered by the european authors, despite the lack of planning mode. To enlarge your market penetration, I would recommend you to propose a support at least for spanish, french and german. Best regards Olivier Gechter
  6. Hello ! First of all, I'm very happy by Storyist on ipad and I'm using it every day. However, I would like to propose a small improvement : The section label is really convenient but it cannot be used to navigate in the document (ie : when select a section, move the cursor at the beginning or the section). For a big file (a 60000 word novel for example) it could be really convenient. Thank you in advance. Best regards Olivier (France).
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