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  1. I've been working on a story file in iCloud on a Mac, and nearly wiped out my entire text by being careless for a half second. I was able to to rescue the entire project because I had it synced to my iPhone. I put the phone in flight mode and duplicated the file before it had a chance to sync with the cloud. After this experience, iCloud is strictly a backup area for me, and I've moved my story file to Google Drive. Should anything happen, Google will recover a previous version for me. This works great on the Mac, but the iPhone app won't open the file - it's greyed out. Why?
  2. I'd like to be able to drag a chapter or a section in my text file to a different text file or folder (within the same project). Sometimes I've written a segment that I'd like to save in a drafts folder/file rather than in my main text, but the only way to do this now is cut and paste. Dragging it would be so much easier.
  3. I'd like the ability to drag select text from one place to another. Microsoft Word has this. You select any amount of text, and instead of cutting and pasting you just drag the text to where you want it. It's faster, for me anyway. Any chance?
  4. Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. A maximum width might do the trick, yes.
  5. Forget to say - that's for the Mac version, but I wouldn't mind having it for the iPad as well. There's a Draft mode on the iPad that does something similar, but that fills the whole screen again, and I just want to get rid of the page breaks.
  6. Hi - is it possible to a include a third view setting? Basically I'd like the Page Layout view without the page splits - so almost like Normal view, except Normal uses the whole width of the window which makes it fairly impossible to work with in full screen. An option to "Hide page splits" would be perfect...
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