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  1. I was doing fine with the Storyist 4 trial from the Mac store until this morning. Now every time I try to make a new Story Sheet, it crashes. Then it crashes sending the crash report. Reinstalled and now it either just does nothing when I get the "choose a story sheet" dialog (I can click on things, but nothing happens and I can't even get out of the dialog without quitting the program). To make it even MORE frustrating my licensed copy of Storyist 3 is doing the same thing so I'm left without functional writing software (and I was just in the process of switching back from Scrivener). Send a email to support but does anyone have any idea if this is some kind of corrupted file that I can copy over or something?
  2. Still a problem. Storyist 4 download link is to the NaNoWriMo version that expired Dec. 2019.
  3. Hmm. The only option I get there is to copy FROM iTunes or Dropbox, not copy TO. Reluctant to click on that in case it replaces the file on my iPad instead of vice versa. As I said in my edit above, my files are now syncing (the 54 MB one finally synced) so I don't know what fixed it but it seems to be working for now. If I figure out the culprit I'll post it for the next person who has this problem. Thanks for taking the time to help me thewitt.
  4. Okay, found it. Unfortunately, Storyist lists no files despite the fact that I have about 8 files on my iPad (this is after doing a full sync). Any other workarounds? Edit: One of my files now syncs, one doesn't. The one that syncs is 7.5 MB, the one that doesn't is 54 MB (which seems disproportionately large for the amount of work I've done on that file, given that the one that syncs is >130 000 words of work and the one that doesn't is <10 000). The file size alone may be why it won't sync and is something I'm going to look into.
  5. I didn't have the Dropbox app installed. Installed it, signed in and out and in again but it doesn't help. Not sure what iTunes file sharing is?
  6. I have changes on my ios file that I can't sync to Dropbox. It was working but has failed to sync for over a week now. It says it is uploading the file but then nothing happens. 1) How can I get it working again? 2) How can I get my current file off the iPad so I can work on my desktop?
  7. I've created a custom project template and filled out the description field when I saved the template, but when I choose the custom template to start a new project the description field is blank (the description shows for the templates that came with the program though). Is this a bug or is there some secret voodoo to getting the description contents to stick?
  8. I have lots of timers. The problem is that you have to remember to use them rather than just opening and closing a file. Also, then you have to do your own tally of when you get the most writing done and how much time you've spent on a project or use a time tracking program (my current solution).
  9. I've just started using Storyist and one of the unique features I liked was the tracking by time feature instead of/in addition to tracking by word count. It's gone in Storyist 3.0 (reason given is that it was not popular). I'd really like it back as it is particularly useful in the phases of writing where word count is not a good measure of effort, like brainstorming, editing/revising, etc. If the tracking could also work with the iOS app, that would be even better.
  10. Well, if you had said that Storyist could OPEN Scrivener files I would have tried that. But your post says IMPORT and EXPORT. Thanks for the quick reply.
  11. I can't get Storyist 3 to import a Scrivener project (.scriv files are greyed out when using File>Import). I am using the 3.0 NaNo trial. Is that feature removed in the trial? I started planning in Scrivener and I'd like to get a feel for Storyist without starting from scratch.
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