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  1. Since you say at the moment, is there any plan to allow undo on note cards in the future?
  2. Me three. iCloud would be a nice feature.
  3. Just thought I'd confirm this. I can reproduce it exactly and agree that it is a bit bizarre and has the potential to cause havoc. Steve? - Jools.
  4. Hi Can you tell me what template you started with? If you started with a Novel template, there should be a collection in your project pane with the section sheets, but if you started with a Blank template and then added a manuscript you wouldn't have that collection. If you have a lot of work already in a blank template and you don't want to start with a new novel template, you can add the collection yourself. Click on the "Project" button (it looks like the little brief case) then choose "Collection". Title that collection "Section Sheets" (or whatever you like), then you can right click on it to edit the collection's preferences. In the little pop up window, you can choose "Section Sheets" (or scene sheets) in the drop down for "Contents". Then you can close that window and now you have a collection for your sheets. To add a sheet, go back under the "Project" button to add either a section or scene sheet and it will go straight into that collection. I hope that helps, but let me know if it was unclear! - Jools
  5. Happy (slightly belated) Escape From The Womb Day from me too!
  6. Welcome to Storyist Gary! We're glad to have you here. It's so nice to be able to connect with writers from all over the world! - Jools
  7. Hi I opened up a new novel project and can reproduce it immediately in Page View. Widow & Orphan is not enabled, however switching to Normal View and back fixes the issue. Here's a screen shot of it getting thrown onto a second page. Let me know if there's something else I should try or reset etc. etc. - Jules
  8. Hi there I'm not sure if this is a bug or a setting (if so I can't find it to try to edit it), but I noticed that if you type a long enough chapter title that suddenly Storyist throws all but the first line onto a new page. It happens every third line. So if you type one line of chapter title your fine, even if your title is 2 lines it'll stay on one page, but as soon as you get to a third line, it grabs line 2 & 3 and tosses them onto a new page. Then if you keep going.... it repeats. I would expect it to keep the whole chapter title on one page unless it actually filled up the whole page, so I find it's current behavior a bit perplexing. - Joules ps. I've got the latest copy of Storyist and I'm on Mountain Lion. I'm using the blank template, which I then added a novel manuscript to.
  9. Hey Currently, in the project page you can retitle your sections without it changing the text of the section. I would really like to be able to do the same for Chapter Titles. It would be really nice if there was a box you could check in the manuscript preferences to unlink the project pane chapter titles to what is written on the page. I know it's probably an odd request, but it would be a handy feature. - Jools
  10. Steve, I know this is a hugely old thread, but I just started a new project and managed to run into the "How the heck do I get a page break?" thing again. I was about to post a new topic but thought to search first. Out of curiosity is there any particular reason there is no "insert page break" type feature? It's much more intuitive and honestly, having to create new section text so that I can set it to start on a new page is kinda annoying. Especially when you don't know that's what you have to do and spend 10+ minutes trying to figure it out. Just wondering.... - Jules
  11. Email sent! I'm in. Now to find my own victims..... Orren?
  12. I have a blog, though it's focus is pretty much art right now, though I am working towards getting writing on it as well. Does that still count? I'd like to play and I'll try to find the 7 people, maybe Orren will volunteer to be one. Is there a thread or some where I can look at what it is you're going to do? - Jools
  13. Hi M, Can you tell me more? I would be interested, though I do NOT have 7 more writes, as the only writers I really know are either famous on Twitter and unlikely to pay attention to me or yourselves.... Also, I don't have any of my writing online. Can I still play? Thanks! I took the photo for "Read In The Bathtub Day" and I chose the Neil Gaiman book so I could submit to the Bath Book Neil tumblr (it's a tumblr full of images of people reading Neil's books while in the tub) however, it looks as if it's been abandoned or something. I still had lots of fun taking the picture and I'm surprised with how much I like it! It certainly pays homage to my "The Odd One" title, that's for sure! =P Thanks for the condolences. This is the first time I was actually there, so it was tough, but someone I know told me what to expect and the vet & assistant were very nice. The new cat actually came home on the day of, which had the benefit of keeping my other cat busy enough that he didn't wander around looking for Jadeiah and giving me something to think about as well. She's been quite interesting. I think she has a feline version of Prader-willi syndrome because she is a bottomless pit! She has quite the personality as well. It took me forever to name her, but Lilith came to me the other day and fit perfectly. It goes well with all my other mythological names too. Yay. Oh and yes Thoth, she did get the name for some of the associations you mentioned in the other thread! She's a bit of a hellion! OH and I also think it's supremely ironic since she is all white (except for a smattering of black hairs on the top of her head) and looks fairly angelic. Here: Haha, it's almost time for me to get my non-virtual chocolate fix. Yay! - Joolissa
  14. Mmmmmm.... tastes like electrons. =P
  15. I agree. Having a sync that worked like this and worked with the Mac version instead of just syncing up to drop box (I'm not saying remove that, since that makes a nice back up, but the duplicates and such do get very tiresome, not to mention trying to work on it on the mac then... not my favorite thing to do) but having the files sync between all the device versions would be amazing. - Jools
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