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    I like poetry, moonlit walks in the woods, and poking dead things with a stick. =P

About Me

Find my work on:

Julia Grace Arts










The Personal:

Since I grew up an only child in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, where I spent my time talking to pet cats and catching frogs, fish, newts, chipmunks, and myriad other hapless creatures, I believe it was inevitable that I would become a writer and an artist or a cave-dwelling hermit. Since comfortable caves deep in enchanted forests are rather hard to come-by, I chose the artist's way instead. My heart, however, has grown roots and branches where it shelters an enduring passion for creatures, nature, and fantasy; three themes which my work often revolves around.


As an artist I strive to produce vivid imagery, evoke emotion, and create engaging characters in all the mediums I work with. I always seek to learn more and improve my skills, though I often struggle with expecting perfection of myself. Learning to accept imperfections, realizing where my strengths lie, that I can improve the skills I find myself lacking, and that it truly is never too late has been a large part of my journey as an artist and I look forward to where the journey will take me from here.


All in all, I'm your average twenty-something looking for my niche in life. I am bare-branched, waiting to bloom; trying to find myself and break the bonds of what's expected by others and myself, of what I think is "acceptable" instead of what I want to be, of confusion and fear, and all the other things holding me back while trying to keep my head above the quicksand of all things that stamp out individualism and creativity.


The Professional:

Julia Grace has over ten years' experience working with many different mediums, including photography, needle felting, traditional and digital art, design, poetry, fiction writing, and jewelry making. Julia Grace has pursued her interest in art formally in several ways, including attending and graduating from the Hallmark Institute of Photography and taking numerous fine art classes through West Chester University and Main Line School Night. She strives to produce vivid imagery, capture emotions, and create engaging characters in all the mediums she works with. Her pieces have been featured in a number of publications, licensed for commercial use, and displayed and sold in various galleries, art shows, and other venues.


For More Info:

For more information about Julia Grace, including a resume and a fun Q&A, please visit her website: www.JuliaGraceArts.com

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