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  1. Hi Steve, during the last hours I was perparing myself for this November-writing-like-hell thingy since I decided to survive it using my iPad for writing. While doing so, I noted two things I categorized as 'odd' which I'd like to bring to your attention. First thing: I'm using an Apple bluetooth keboard for any serious writing and whenever I press command-up for getting to the top of my text, Storyist is doing that, places my insertion marker at the beginning, ready to roll. Pressing command-down for the bottom of the text does place my cursosr at the bottom, but the view stays where it
  2. Precisely. And I do promise I won't tell M about it...
  3. It's been a long time since I was even remotely able to do some writing but I promised myself (and a couple of other people as well) to reboot myself again. I just got Storyist for the iPad I bought yesterday and I'm really exited about it. That's a terrific accomplishment, Steve, and I humbly bow before you. One thing I'd like to see in a future version is having a free-flow textmode as an alternative to the paginated view we have right now.
  4. Ah, yes, the iPad 2. Gnawing at my nails to get one, 3-4 weeks until Apple will deliver it, just sold my MacBook to get one. Thanks for the warm welcome, hope I will never ever be that close to a car crash again. Entirely too personal for my taste.
  5. well, not deceased, not really. But very nearly so after being on the receiving side of a truck running at 100 km/h into a traffic jam. Unfortunately, the car which was hit first was mine. Interesting experience, tell you that. It helps focusing on the moment. However, since I am now as good as new - probably better - I will start working again soon. I do like the new color scheme here, btw. New for me, that is. Did I miss much? Oh, and happy new year everybody...
  6. Inspiration - well, this could be an endless topic. Unfortunately I am one of those who hardly remember what I was dreaming. Maybe once in a month, maybe less. My Imagination does work overtime before I am going to bed - therefore I keep a notebook and a pen right beside the bed in case something truly magnificent might turn up. And then there a smells. I don't know why, but most of the time the right smell does wonders to my imagination.
  7. Sure thing. Since I will participate as well it would be rude not to help a fellow masochist.
  8. Probably after a lot of... well, 'eating backwards' while testing the gyro interface
  9. Well, consider this (at itunesconnect): (Uh, sorry if this is already common knowledge, I just found out about it today...)
  10. Sigh! No iPad in April - Apple just announced a slight delay for the rest of us. Well, maybe we'll get it together with OS 4... Just had one to play with and want one. I hate waiting.
  11. Well, here we are for the moment: screenwriting on the iPad, for now.... http://www.jokeandbiagio.com/how-to-write-...lay-on-the-ipad
  12. More salt into my wounds... And the 24th of April is NOT this week, last time I checked. Even worse, the 16g WiFi-only iPad will cost around US$ 673 here, while yours is what? $499? Maybe its just me being naive, but couldn't you just switch the keyboard off?
  13. I wonder how I could bribe anyone to buy one for me & send it over to my place... I HATE waiting...
  14. Funny thought, there. My wife is currently (well, she's still at it, really...takes some time) busy researching a long article (maybe short book) currently titled "Intelligence is the wrong way", where any form of intelligence turns out to be a dead end, evolutionary.
  15. Having read a lot of complaints about not being able to change the iPad's battery I did a quick check with my still working iBook, which will turn seven in July, and was shocked, SHOCKED, to notice that I haven't changed the battery once. Never in nearly seven years! And it's down to 93% percent of its original capacity, according to coconutbattery. Upon realizing that I felt like an outcast: somehow I simply don't change batteries in my notebooks, nor my mobile phones, for that matter. I need to get therapy. Fast. Who knows, it might just be the first symptom of becoming a.. a... mass-murd
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