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  1. Now I'm basically being told from Steve via email that I'm out of luck and can't get a refund that he brought up. This is incomplete software guys. Ugh. What rabbit hole did dig myself into by buying this. I mean why would you offer a refund and have no intention on coming through with it.
  2. I spoke with the Writer's Store (as I was too to do so via email in regard to a refund) and they said they can't give me the refund since it's been 30 days past my purchase date.
  3. How do I prevent storyist from constantly starting at page 1 every time I click on a different script within a project. I need it to start from where I left off writing, always.
  4. I'm in the middle of a project so I can't. I'm not being disrespectful. I paid for this and I wasn't expecting some sort of alpha/ beta build. I was expecting a complete product. I'm simply asking you guys to get testers, have them test it and report back issues. (I just realized the testers part was edited out of my post...) As for emailing you guys issues, there are way too many mistakes and I'm not an employee of Storyist. I mean should I send you a list through an email then send storyist an invoice for my services as a tester? We both know that's ridiculous. If that's considered disrespectful and not constructive then I'd suggest taking up quilting or something less strenuous. I bought the program because it has potential and it still does. If you view this as trashing then there's a bigger issue of having a developer not have the ability to push one's self. The pieces and ideas for this program are there. The functionality (a major part of this) is not. It's one step away from being great but that step is ignored. Again, it's the functionality. People shouldn't have to post on a forum on how to do something with your writing program. This isn't Adobe Creative suite (and even then, there software is atleast intuitive and things make sense). This is a writing program! So make progress with Storyist's released software because it's bad... real bad. They should hear this. The Storyist community seems pretty nice and they deserve better.
  5. There's way too many issues with formatting, using multiple windows and having information update between windows, and BASIC design / semiotics that make how to access certain functions logical. This my stand point from using it as a screenwriting program. edit: I meant to put this under the Mac Version section not the iPad section. The iPad version is pretty good. [MOD: Edited for content]
  6. I don't even know how to " a new body text level style" either. I also keep retyping my index cards, only to realize I shouldn't have to do this.
  7. actually it doesn't work. Format>Style>Change stylesheet is greyed out no matter what I'll do. When I did get it to work, the results weren't desirable, such as creating 2 index cards. It's difficult to command + Z back with your software, so I gave up testing. It worked the first time, but I was just testing it. Pretty unpredictable software. Holy crap. I just want to write.
  8. Got it. It's not intuitive but I got it. Thanks for the quick response!
  9. No, I'm not using Chapters. This is for a screenplay. I have a folder, then a text file in it (set where I can outline in). Then I hit New>Body Text to create a card. Folder>Textfile>Outlining with Index Cards
  10. I've been out of the country and have been using Storyist on my iPad. The index card workflow works great. I press a index card, and type away. Now that I'm back I'm using Storyist for the Mac, and find myself having to right click, and edit in order to change the cards. My biggest issue so far is that now (I don't think it did it before), when I add a card with the first card highlighted, it OVERWRITES the next card with a new card deleting my previous information. If I try to add a card to the end of my entire outline, it just won't do it. How do I fix this?
  11. I figured it out. I got to admit, the way your programmed is designed is asking for this sort of confusion. I've been making a list of what could be done to avoid this sort of stuff and will send it to you soon. Thanks for the reply. What happened that all my work today was placed within a NOTEBOOK ENTRY that I was supplementing as a notecard at one point (another design issue). A notebook entry should not be treated like a folder (it can be a notecard? A folder? what is a notebook entry anyways?). A folder should be treated like a folder. A notecard as a notecard. Thanks for the quick response and look forward to future updates.
  12. I was using Storyist with dropbox today. I created a folder and organized notecards within a folder. A full outline. I closed my iPad and went outside. I opened up my iPad and now my whole outlined / organized notecards are gone. The folder is there, but nothing is in there. It's completely gone. I went to dropbox, doesn't show that any syncing happened, but it did sync AFTER they went missing. I was already skeptical about your software, now what do I do?
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