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  1. Currently enjoying writers block on a script, how are you?
  2. Seamus Heaney is his own interpretation of the original text. I don't have the luxury of speaking that language so I'm going to use a literal translation and make my edits there, also using Seamus Heaney's text for clarification.
  3. Because to me (and more others than you'd think) a poem rhymes.
  4. I already bought that, but it's not a rhyme. Just a for instance: Lo! the Spear-Danes’ glory through splendid achievements The folk-kings’ former fame we have heard of, Becomes: Behold! the Spear-Danes' of gloried tales past Well known, the folk-kings fame, as told, shall last Or something like that.
  5. I plan on completely re-writing Beowulf, the entire epic as a rhyme. This will be tough.
  6. Just messing around, found a super lightweight blogging platform. http://undeadpoetsociety.com/
  7. Oh, I missed this. Thank you. I'm about to send the book out to a publisher.
  8. I would like to know what page of my script I'm on without going through several menus. If there is a way to turn this on please let me know.
  9. Fair enough, 48 pages into my new one on the iPad. I like it man.
  10. The 2, I'm waiting for a proper iPad3 to upgrade.
  11. I just bought Storyist for iPad. Hehe.
  12. Steve, my biggest concern is 1:1 with Final Draft in all areas. If I write a 100 pg. script in Storyist for iPad and export it as .fdx, I need Final Draft to load it as a 100 pg. script. Is this what happens?
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