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  1. It's absolutely possible. Just create two new text file documents, one a novel, one a screenplay. And yes, it makes sense to use one file for all your research data, characters, etc. I have one document for an entire series of novels, currently six novels and one novelette. One of my favorite aspects to Storyist is that you can keep everything you need for multiple works in the same universe in one document. Hope that helps, Orren
  2. Congratulations! Looks interesting (I'm a fantasy writer too ) Orren
  3. Thought I'd revive this chestnut after an absence: A while ago, I posted that I'd finished the first draft of my second novel. Then it went to a professional editor for a thorough development edit. I got it back last week, and this weekend the process of revising my first draft into the second draft began. Part of this process includes combining chapters, removing chapters, and rearranging chapters. It would sure be nice if instead of manually renumbering every chapter in the novel, Storyist would auto-renumber for me. Orren
  4. Just to beat on this moribund equine one more time... I'm over half-way finished with the science fiction novel I'm writing. Currently, there are 24 chapters. I've named them CHAPTER 1 through CHAPTER 24, out of habit. So as I edit through the first half, go through my ideas, I've decided that I want to add two chapters in there, one around chapter 10, another around chapter 18 or so. So as I add those chapters, I have to then go forward and renumber all the other chapters after the added chapters manually. It would be so cool if I could, instead, just use an "insert chapter number" command, that automatically inserted a Chapter number at the cursor much the way that one can insert the Page Number onto a page, and it keeps track of adding/deleting pages. Orren
  5. Just did it again...decided to move Chapter 15 to between Chapters 21 and 22, had to renumber all those chapters.... Hopefully when Steve digests all that turkey and finished spending his Storyist windfall profits as part of his Black Friday binge, we'll see how feasible this is. Orren
  6. Actually, I name my chapters as well. They tend to take the form of "CHAPTER 2: Blahing the Blah" I'm guessing that there would be a special character substitute for the number. So we would write our chapter title as: "CHAPTER %: Blahing the Blah" and Storyist would always insert the correct number. I'm guessing there would also need to be some preference or different special character for those who use numbers for chapters, and those who write out the words. (I have a lot of chapters, so I wouldn't want to be writing out "Chapter ninety-six" and on and on...) So we've got this thirded! Steve? Is this difficult or trivial to add?
  7. Okay, here's another big time saver for me. I'd love for Storyist to automatically number and renumber my chapter titles. Specifically, I tend to write both in non-linear order, and really large chapters that I then cut down. So for example, when I first start writing, I may have 20 chapters in my book, but each chapter being huge. Then I go back and divide some of them into 3-4 chapters. I'd love if when I add a new chapter number, Storyist could automatically renumber all the subsequent chapters. Thanks, Orren
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