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  1. No luck. I read through the Working with Styles tutorial, but I can't understand what it's telling me to do in regards to the Apply Styles by Matching Text. I'll go ahead and send the file to the support email. Thank you!
  2. Hi again, Steve. An interesting thing happens when I follow the steps you listed. If I place the cursor into a part of the Section Text and click Revert to Original Style from the red triangle, it successfully reverts that specific part of the Section Text back to the Novel Stylesheet formatting; however, if I highlight all of the Section Text and do the same thing (to try and revert all of the Section Text in one fell swoop) it changes all of the Section Text to a single-spaced, Helvetica font. I have no idea why it's doing that.
  3. I wrote a novel in Storyist using personalized formatting for self-publishing purposes. I now need to change the formatting back to the default novel formatting. I positioned the cursor in the file, then selected Format > Style > Change Stylesheet > Novel Stylesheet, clicked Change Stylesheet after confirming that the styles were correct in the dialog, and nothing happened. The formatting didn't change. I tried it several more times while highlighting the entire text. Still nothing. Is this a technical error or am I missing something?
  4. Hi, Steve. Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, I followed your advice to the letter and it didn't work. Nothing happened when I clicked Change Stylesheet. The formatting remained the same. I even tried highlighting all of the text and went through it again with the same result.
  5. I wrote a novel in Storyist with formatting designed for self-publishing. I have since received a full manuscript request from a literary agent and now I need to revert the entire novel back to Storyist's default novel style (Courier font, # sign in place of line spaces, etc...). Is there a way to do this in one fell swoop instead of having to do it all manually?
  6. Hello Everyone, I recently finished my first novel using Storyist for Mac. I have decided to self-publish using Amazon CreateSpace (I realize that Storyist isn't ideal for self-publishing). The problem is that I must now insert a title page, copyright page, and a dedication page into my finished manuscript. I can't figure out how to place the three new pages into the same file (ahead of all the body text) without messing up the formatting. I tried saving the title/copyright/dedication as separate files, but CreateSpace requires everything to be submitted in a single file. Ple
  7. Storyist_Test_Document_2.story I did not paste any of the text. I typed it all in to the file. I'm not sure how to add tab stops. Please see the attachment for a sample of one of my pages. Thanks for all the help Steve!
  8. I am using Version 2.2.1. Mac OS X Version 10.5.8, iMac. My text is formatted as Section Text. As far as I know, I did not change the section text formatting in any way. There were no other programs running. This weird behavior happens every time I quit Storyist. This behavior is only affecting my one manuscript. I started a new file and did not get the same results. Thanks Marguerite!
  9. When I close out of Storyist and then come back on later, all of the text in my manuscript has reformatted itself to the right side of the page with dashes in front of the first line of each paragraph. The text was fine before, and I saved it as it was, but this keeps happening. Any ideas as to what could be causing this?
  10. Thanks Steve! It worked perfectly except the first page has a "0" on it instead of a "1". Any ideas?
  11. I am brand new to Storyist. I recently took 150 pages of text I had previously written and pasted it all into the novel template. Then I noticed that the page numbers in the headers did not adjust to the number of pages. I started to change them manually before realizing that whatever number I typed onto one page became uniform for every page. I typed "1" onto the first page and suddenly every page had a 1 on it. How can I get the pages to number themselves correctly?
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