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  1. Hi Marguerite, Thanks so much for your help. Adding sections is really not working as it should. Here's a screenshot by screenshot of me trying to add a new section using the + symbol at the bottom left corner/ the "Add a new project item of the same type as the selected item" function. I first highlight the last section I'm working on: Then I press the + sign in the bottom left hand corner and this happens - I get a section symbol in the manuscript but no section sheet in the left sidebar, also it is two lines down (not a biggie but still another thing to sort out): Then I have to cli
  2. Hi, I've got 60 pages into a novel using word and need to sort out better software, obviously. After spending a fair bit of time looking at what's out there I've got it down to Storyist vs Scrivener. I'm currently running the Storyist demo and here are my thoughts after a couple of days: What I really really like about Storyist - ability to work in compiled view. You nailed it. (scrivener no) - lovely full screen look, paper texture. Classy. Well done people. (scrivener no) - simple layout, uncluttered, not trying to be everything to all men. (scrivener ...) What is bugging me
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