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  1. I have the "First Line Indent" option set to 0 and in Storyist it looks right, but when I export to ePub the indents are back. Is there a way to prevent this? Basically, I want a page at the end with a list of characters from the story and a line or two description. But I don't want these lines indented.
  2. I recently installed kindlegen (Mac OS) v. 2.9 on my Mac (10.11.3). When I try to export my document into mobi format I get this error. Anyone know what's wrong? This is the first time I've tried to do this in Storyist (ePubs work fine). I was able to go to the directory where I unzipped kindlegen and run the command from Terminal successfully. So what is Storyist's problem? The kindlegen file is clearly a valid executable. Thank you! Untitled2.tiff Untitled.tiff
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