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  1. As a Storyist newbie who had some trouble figuring out what the hell is going on, I looked for a YouTube tutorial. All I found were a couple of old ones covering specific topics. What I was hoping to find was a beginner's Storyist for Mac video tutorial. Why don't you folks make one? Seems as though you could use something like ScreenFlow to knock one out in a couple of hours. Just take the point of view of a beginner who has no knowledge of the program and go through the steps of starting a project from scratch using the program features, one by one, meanwhile explaining the steps in voic
  2. Thanks to both of you for the help. I will work with what you have given me here and see what I come up with. For some reason, this program has turned out to work in a way that is very unintuitive for me. Probably says more about my intuition than the program. But I will go back and give it another shot.
  3. Marguerite, thanks very much for this. Yes, I have Storyist for Mac. I went through these steps but got hung up at #5. These "characters, settings, notes" etc. that you can drag onto this grey collage -- where do they come from? I don't see where you drag them FROM. I worked with the program for a while this afternoon and accomplished nothing other than disappearing my test manuscript. I am pretty much at the point with it that I think I am probably better off just using Pages. I mean, with Pages, if you start at the most basic level -- choose a blank template -- you at least get a place
  4. I am trying to learn to use Storyboard. I see my manuscript. I see the portions of it in the outline and I can fill in notes or whatever in outline, refer to them, etc. But when I go to the Storyboard (corkboard), there is nothing there under each section. If I go to My Manuscript in the Project pane, then there are index cards for each section -- prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2, etc. (Although I cannot write in them.) But then, I go to, say, Prologue in the project pane and I see it in the manuscript, I see it highlighted in the Outline view, but in the Storyboard, there are no index cards
  5. Upload profile photo

  6. Can't really find the right place to post this question. Anyway, is there some secret to upload a profile photo to replace that b&w icon? I go to Profile, click Use a Custom Photo, choose from file, it uploads, apparently, and shows file name but picture does not show up in frame. Thanks!
  7. I did understand that the iMac was just another device. What I did not get was the SAVE location from the iMac in order for the project to sync. So, now I understand that I save it into that Storyist folder that has been installed on my iCloud drive. The iPad saves the project to there, the iMac does the same, voila, sync. When I created a project to see how it saved, the default was my "Documents" folder. I just have to send it to the iCloud Drive Storyist folder instead. All correct? Is there some reason why there is not a Preferences option or a "Save to" in the dropdown menu to designa
  8. Thanks, Steve. I have read that page, more than once. I cannot find anywhere in there where it says that it syncs what I do on my iMac with changes I make on my iPad or vice versa. It just talks about IOS sync and tells how to set the IOS app for either iCloud or Dropbox. OK, now I have my IOS app set for iCloud. But would I not have to set my iMac app to also save in iCloud, in order to sync? Seems as though I would, but I do not find any instructions or settings for that. (I looked in Preferences for "save" location but did not find anything.) All I have read is that my iMac files are s
  9. I am just getting started with Storyist and have just installed it on my iMac (El Capitan) and installed the app on my iPad (IOS 9.3.1). When I start my project I would like to be able to sync between the two as seamlessly as possible. Most of the time, I will work on the iMac but sometimes I may make a few changes or add something using my iPad and would like that to be part of the project the next time I open it on the iMac -- and vice versa. I have read over some related posts but did not quite find my answer. So, can I do that via iCloud? Or do I need to use Dropbox? Either way, exac
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