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    I am a freelance writer and a professional Tarot card reader. I write content for the web - websites, blogs and article directories. I also teach Tarot card reading.<br /><br />My passion is writing stories and poems. I have written a number of short stories and now am trying my hand at writing a full length novel. One of my poems has been published.
  1. Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply… It is really good to know that these features are on your list - trust me, it would make a HUGE difference! Am really looking forward to seeing them in the near future! Thanks once again… M
  2. Hello, Am a new user of Storyist - and am switching from Scrivener because of the specialized features of Storyist (like separate sections where I can create profiles for my characters and more especially for the outlined plot format feature, and the feature where I can save my Workspaces). But there are some features which I would like to see in Storyist. Meanwhile, I also went through some of the feature requests on this forum and I do realize that some of the features that I have requested below may be repeated, but here goes… My requests are: Auto Capitalization of
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