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  1. I have Storyist on both my iPad and iMac (Sierra) with iCloud Drive enabled. On my iPad, I have my stories set to save to iCloud Drive, and from there, I can see a "Storyist" folder as expected. However, on my iMac, there is no "Storyist" folder (even if I opt to view hidden folders). I purchased the 2.x to 3.x upgrade directly from the website (that is, I did not buy the App Store version). iCloud Drive options (from System Settings app on iMac) does not list "Storyist" in the "Documents" list (like it does, for example, "iA Writer" or "Preview"). However, if i click the "Manage..." button for iCloud, the folder is listed there. How do I make my iCloud Drive "Storyist" directory appear on my iMac? (I would have thought it automatic.) Is it because the app on the website is not compatible with it (vs. the App Store version?). In the meantime, I'll switch to Dropbox. Thanks in advance!
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