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  1. Me too! Me too! Sliding in with 101 pages of a graphic novel- not something that I would have considered doing if it were not for Script Frenzy.... To celebrate- I'm off to the LA Times book festival. Never been to it- anyone storyists have? ... a day of all things books and some fine weather... need sunblock for my fine feathers... broiled chick... not today...
  2. Whooo Hooo! Sweet success and inspiration! Congratulations! -Fiz
  3. Thanks! That was great to hear... I got through the 3rd week by not touching my script/book/ manuscript ( what do you call a graphic novel?) Instead I entertained my 18 year old sister in law to be - visiting San Diego for the first time- so I had a vacation week- Disneyland, Los Angles, San Diego Zoo, Wild Safari Park, La Jolla cove with the seals... I think it's an excellent reason to be wildly behind... I'm wondering if I can finish...
  4. Getting to the mid- month mark, but not quite...I found that my enthusiasm waned... and then the force of will power got me to the desk and 10 pages came along... Anyone else slumping a little? Enjoying? Blissful?
  5. See?! Thoth is the Storyist unofficial cheerleader. There is a whole fan page devoted on Facebook just to his closet of pom poms... those cheerleaders love him. From a far... Thanks for your honesty and cheering skills here, Thoth. We are indeed a lucky bunch. -Fiz
  6. What does "no challenge" mean? You enjoy suffering for your art and it's coming too easily? Or you are bored silly and have no interest in what happens to your story? PS. I've heard Thoth has a closet of pom-poms. Denial is powerful. Don't tell him I told you.
  7. I've got 7 total so far! Thanks for the warm welcome back, Thoth and Marguerite! I felt all the warmth here- I think it was in the 80's this week. Nice. And welcome aboard, Serpentacle! Great start! Thanks, Steve for getting the thread here! I am really having fun, feeling guilty a little that I'm not doing the bulk of the work Storyist this time, but with paper and markers, pencils and maybe some glitter at the end...yeah, some glitter at the end. This is a graphic novel... but I suppose that was obvious... onward ho... - Fiz
  8. HI all! I am back from falling off the face of the earth for a while as the business of business got me sucked into another dimension... and the call of script frenzy woke me up with a story to be told as a graphic novel... that's fist, but as one who found her expression in visual arts first, this is something that is exciting- to write a book at my drafting table with colors. I will still be using storyist for keeping it all organized and ideas percolating... Hi everyone! Missed you.
  9. Finished it! I did not know what to expect, but I am so happy that I did ( it kept drawing me back to it all weekend) I will be delighted to write up a good review and post it around. Loved the ending by the way. No spoilers! What an accomplishment! Bravo! Wishing you massive success and recognition.
  10. Sending vibes of radiant health to the east. and after a few weeks of just picking at my manuscript, I got back into a swing today... whew. I just heard this draft referred to as a "don't look down draft" from wile e. coyote being on the line over the canyon and doing fine until he looks down... I was looking down.... looking back up now...
  11. thanks for the inspiration ( or the firing of my competitive side)! way to go!
  12. Orren, Congratulations! Will get my copy too! Now we can all say we knew you when.... -Fiz
  13. Orren, Thoth and Marguerite: You ROCK! I went back today and started reading the draft from the beginning and notes I took over the last 9 months as I was brewing it and it really ignited a whole new energy for it and ideas, ideas, ideas! I'm not sure how I will settle into my own process, I do like the process of reading at night and taking some notes and then sleeping on it so my brain can work out details while I sleep... and then editing a little the previous work to get into the swing of it that day. And notes for the next session of what I plan to do or see happening...
  14. Hope you are feeling better! I think that a fluffy white snow ball is just the right amount of snow. It is about the same size of the oranges I am growing on my patio. And strawberries. Wild, just wild.
  15. ahhhhh. such good juicy insight to your process. I especially like the part about going back and editing the previous day to get into the rhythm of the current... thanks for that... gonna give that a try.... such a newb.
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