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  1. Well, in the Ipad the templates cannot be modified. Sorry. And at times that has to be done on the fly. So just discovered, after years of use. that I can delete those templates and just do what I do with the Ipad, use a notebook entry. Happy, happy joy. So happy writing. I have been working on a series of short stories and novellas set in a future world that sees humans go to the stars, but it includes a planet that really goes through hell. So yes, dystopic. And a few of my characters are truly based on some of the people we cover for the news, loosely off course. But some of the things we at times see in School Board meetings are just worthy of a character or two.
  2. Steve, thank you. Had to change my Samsung early, that is another story. So got a new IPhone (well new for me, it's a used 4 model.) it works great. I will probably get another Samsung when heck freezes over, but at the coffee shop giving it a whirl. Oh and merry Christmas and happy new year.
  3. Ok, I am looking for this, and cannot find it. It might be me not having used the software in a while, but tracking changes would be nice. I know it is a pain to implement, but a few programs have it on the MAC, less so on the IPAD, but they still manage with RTF files, Hell, markdown now has a way to do it with criticmarkup. (And that is a txt file with fancy mark up). Yup, have used some simple txt files just to keep a light footprint on the IPAD when writing research for work, so have gotten pretty good with markdown and multimarkdown. (And for news pieces storyist is kind of useless anyway since I have to keep track of a lot of crap that has little to do with well, fiction) But for fiction I would love to be able to keep track of changes in documents, without having to resort to changing the color of the font. Hey, your main competitor has implemented that nicely, but he has yet to implement an IPAD version. Hell, I have lost hope he will ever go the IPAD route. (Which would be nice for the reporting side of the house) So, how about tracking changes? That would be sweet? If nothing else versioning control would be ok. Yes, you can officially call me a geek, will not be insulted whatsoever.
  4. Try compiling to a file format it will import. I feel your pain.
  5. First off, happy holidays folks. Finally found time to get back to some fiction, we have been busy. Anyhoo, here is one that I think was asked a long time ago, In the character sheets, as well as the settings, you can customize them in the Mac, but not natively on the IPad. So let me ask for it again. pretty please. (We political reporters love scandals in city hall, but damn, they take time away from other pursuits!)
  6. http://www.eastcountymagazine.org/ Yup, that is the online paper, under Nadin Abbott And I have dabbled in more than just writing, quite a bit of photography as well
  7. Started writing for the paper last year. Got news that we (hubby for photo me for an article) won a local journalism award. Next year will enter some photos as welll.
  8. Steve, it would make it more useful for non-fiction work. Says the journalist in the group. I find myself using omni outliner to outline complex news stories regularly, and ncreaingly, even short fiction....
  9. Ok I used scri to write an article on the San Diego auto show...but silly me, it dawned on me that storyist woud have worked too. Make an outline section for each part and go from there...next story will try this. I used Scriv since it was open and damn it, was too tired to think otherwise. (We went to the shw at four in the morning for the media open house) Here is the article. http://eastcountymagazine.org/node/8263 Each section was an outline item, and if you like cars, that's a bonus. No footnotes needed, so silly me...shoud have done this with storyist on the iPad. (And t saved my arm too)
  10. From what I understand Oakland and Portland... partial at LA... oh and dopey me, they are on the west coast, just not this side of the border, Vancouver.
  11. I have been covering it for the East County Magazine here in San Diego... no the IPAD does not travel to these things... paper, pen, reporters notebooks... and waterproof camera. http://www.eastcountymagazine.org/node/8121 Anyhow getting my clips in non fiction, The challenge is different but you are also telling a story. This morning the chalenge was to stay dry... and for my notebooks (and notes) to also stay dry. Let's just put it this way, I hope I can salvage the notebooks, if not getting new ones. It was that wet. A very different challenge than writing a short story under a nice roof, or a novel... but hey, I am guessing even this could go into fiction. Oh and yes, the photos are also mine... I ended up using two batteries. I expected all day, which would have meant all four.
  12. I spent three weeks driving in Mexico city. I come home and at a stop I get clipped on the driver side mirror...will get fixed tomorrow morning, but I gotta smile. (And after ten years as a medic all that got hurt was a mirror...that is good)
  13. Found some really old work...I mean 2002 old..that was never shopped, never finished. I converted to RTF and imported...it is mostly there structure wise... Yup, I just printed this beast...I need write background, characters...it is from the seat of pants of pants phase. It is a pretty good yarn though, even if at very rough draft two, so the file claims.
  14. Update, found my Zip Drive.. had to get a usb cable and found a power supply that works... Some jewiels in there. I sent those to dropbox. It includes a full novel there as well
  15. Ok I will have to check that myself. Those files were in word 03 format. A couple in open office. But I got a few of those zip disks myself.
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