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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I saw some old threads about this but could not find a current answer. In the storyboard view, I can see an index card for each chapter all in one group/grid. And I can go into a chapter and see a card for each scene within that chapter as a group/grid. And I can have a split screen view allowing me to see a chapter card on one side and all it's scene cards on the other. But I can't find a way of seeing a grid of all my scene-level index cards for the whole manuscript all at once. I think I read you can do this on the iPad version. I saw a screenshot where on the iPad you could see all the index cards on one screen, with chapter numbers marked where relevant, this is exactly what I need, but I don't work on the iOS version. I know I can shuffle scenes around in the project view, but my scene-level index cards have more relevant info on them at-a-glance then just the title of the scene that you see in the project view. And because I'm having to reshuffle scenes around, including between chapters, I really want to be able to see a big grid of all my scene cards on one screen so I can easily take in the relevant info for each and then shuffle them around at will throughout the manuscript. Is there a way to see all my scene-level index cards for the full manuscript in one grid to make rearranging scenes/plot points across the full manuscript easier? thanks, -daria
  2. Hi there, Is it possible to get rid of the lines on the index cards? I get that they're index cards and the computer makes the text straight so I'm not entirely sure I need lines across them. Possible? I've had a poke around preferences and can't see anything. all best, James.
  3. I opened a project created in Scrivener into Storyist and am unable to see the index cards (or card view) that I was used to on the cork board. I use these "cards" to create synopses of the files or folders that they are attached to. Hopefully, they didn't get lost in the translation. What am I missing here? Love the IOS sync but this issue is a bit off-putting. Thanks for your help. Don.
  4. I have Project->Sections folder->Chapter folders. Have created a lot of index cards for scenes that I need to move to other chapters. Hoping to do this by drag-and-drop rather than cut-and-paste? In this context, Section means a sequence of chapters, all of which happen at the same location.
  5. Is it possible to name Index Cards differently than the scene headings in a screenplay? For example, if I have a scene with a heading like Int. House - Night, can I name the scene Family Dinner on the Index Card? It's easier for me to understand my screenplay with short Index Card names that give me the idea of the scene, rather than having a bunch of scenes called Int. House, Int. Office, etc on the cards... Sorry if this is a basic question...
  6. The index cards are well fleshed out and are a great help. The problem... is that they can't be printed. This worries me because I plotted my novel out using them and am now worried that something will happen to my APP or Ipad before my actual writing has caught up with those index cards and it'll all be lost. I have been told it's a feature on MAC. But I'd like it a feature on my IPAD
  7. Hello, When I change presets of hierarchical order from "scene" to "action", I have troubles with index cards. (I can't add new ones or it stuck on "scene" preset). It looks like some kind of bug. I'm working on IOS 8.02 with an iPad 3. Thanks for your great job (storyist is my favorite writing app) !
  8. Is there a way for the title and text and an index card to also be in the text of the section that the card represents, and updates to either reflect changes to the other? I have a "general" text file in my project, and every time i make a new section (with #) a new card is created with the title "body text". Typing on the card does nothing in the document, it remains a blank section. Just wanted to see if I'm missing something. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I am new to Storyist, and am using it exclusively on the iPad. I am loving it, but I've had a couple scares where index cards have appeared black and without any information until I restart the app. Before I fully commit to mapping out my whole novel with index cards on Storyist, I want to make sure there is a way to effectively back up this data. I tried to export the manuscript to rtf or PDF, but neither format seems to retain index cards. Is there a trick to this? Is it not yet a feature (I ask, hoping very much that's not the answer )? Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. I've hit a bump on using index cards... for starters, won't give me the option to print. I had to do a screenshot and then print. Second, they don't seem to move around very easily. Third, I couldn't figure out how to put them on the virtual "corkboard." It seems that I've seen other programs that work more intuitively w/ index cards. Any hints/tips for the newbie?
  11. Having come to Storyist from Scrivenor because I want to use my iPad for writing, I wish the Index cards could be created independent of a manuscript and a template selection. Many writers like myself, like to play around with scene, plot, setting and character ideas before deciding Novel, Screenplay or both. With Scrivenor, index cards as well as all other resources (characters, settings, plot points, images, etc) are independent of deployment and you can attach a screenplay manuscript and a novel manuscript to the same project and share all resources. Storyist makes you create a manuscript based on a template before you can start accumulating supporting materials (like index cards) and then you cannot share those resources with other manuscripts or projects. Or am I missing something? — Robert
  12. I'd like to be able to make my own index cards for notes or whatever as well as the ones that are linked to sections/chapters. Maybe standalone or maybe allow index cards to be linked to any kind of doc...Character sheets, Plot sheets, random notes, etc.
  13. Hi All, I read through the Storyist User's Guide and this wasn't super-apparent to me, so I apologize in advance is this is a "N00B" question. Is it possible to create nested "stacks" or "groups" of index cards in either the screenwriting or manuscript view? Here's a rough image of what I would hope to enable: https://skitch.com/m...ript-untitled-3 Ultimately, it would be wonderful to view index cards as sets, because I like to write in the traditional "Act" format, and it would be quite helpful to see headers telling me when one stops and the other begins. Thank you for reading!
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