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Found 1 result

  1. I have needed to split my novel into two separate novels - Novel A and Novel B REQUIREMENT: A simple method to copy files, links, and documents from Storyist Novel A to Storyist Novel B as a whole document. A complete Project, Scene or Section Sheet copied and pasted. ALSO: The ability to link research collated on 'Text File - Notes' which contain both notes and links to webpages To 'Drag&Drop; a link in the Project, Scene or Section Sheets.'TO THE NOTE' containing the research. I have in-depth notes and research links on Settings, Scenes and Projects in Novel A, and need to keep the timeline in sync. It would be beneficial, especially to me, to be able to copy folders and or individual Setting, Scene and Project files/documents across to Novel B. It appears at present it all has to be raised new in Novel B then copy and pasted each individual 'Summary', 'Synopsis', 'Plot' and 'Notes'. This would save a large amount of time and help with maintaining a time line on the Project Board between the two novels, Novel A now 47k words with all the associated information and and Novel B now 67k words in with no associated information. On completion of these two novels, I am expecting to finalise both A and B, with a final novel C. Again, I expect to require the research and information already gathered. If this is already possible then by all means delete this Topic. Otherwise, I will be interested to hear your views, and/or suggested ways of doing the above. Regards Barynz (John Baryn)
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