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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there. First of all, love the software. However, i have always had one glaring problem. I recently updated and thought it would fix it (it was present in the change log), but it didn't. Whenever I import an .fdx file (wheter it be a stageplay format or one hou drama) I can't get it to recognize my TAB button when trying to go from DIalogue->Parenthetical. Same goes for Character STYLE. I want to be able to hit TAB and go to parentheical...but even after I set the settings, it won't let me. I have the Dialogue STYLE set so that if I hit RETURN, it goes to Character and if
  2. Hi there I'm very new to Storyist, so apologies if this question shows my ignorance. I've imported my existing WIP into Storyist using the Novel template -- all well and good. Today though I tried to add a new Notebook to add some ideas that don't yet have a home and I noticed that it defaulted to a different font to the other notes. After a bit of poking around it seems that different elements within my project had a different set of styles available so I am just trying to get a better high-level understanding of how Styles are scoped within Storyist. In the end I duplicated an existing N
  3. Hi, I set my writing environment to reflect what I hope to see on the printed page and as a result I'm getting a couple of strange problems. 1) If I set my page for a custom size, the text disappears after Chapter 1. I can see that the chapters and sections still exist but I can't see the text on the page. 2) Every time I start the program in the morning I have to edit my styles to show the correct line spacing. They are minor if frustrating issues. I'm on Mountain Lion on a 2012 Macbook Pro. Kind regards
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