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Found 6 results

  1. Up until a half hour ago, I was having trouble moving text files into new folders. The changes should have been uploaded as soon as I left the project. The app indicated everything was being backed-up and uploaded to iCloud, but it wasn’t showing back up in my project when I went back to it. This happened with new text files as well. I would make a new text file, and type things in, I would leave the project, it would indicate the changes were uploaded, and whatever I worked on would be gone. The memory sizes of the new additions that disappeared never changed. I left the project with a 20KB Text file that brought the project total from 150KB to 170KB, but the text File wouldn’t show back up, and the project memory space stayed at 170KB. I lost three hours of work when this started happening, and I don’t know what I can do to retrieve what I lost. These disappeared files still takes up space in my iCloud. Can I do anything?
  2. I am just getting started with Storyist and have just installed it on my iMac (El Capitan) and installed the app on my iPad (IOS 9.3.1). When I start my project I would like to be able to sync between the two as seamlessly as possible. Most of the time, I will work on the iMac but sometimes I may make a few changes or add something using my iPad and would like that to be part of the project the next time I open it on the iMac -- and vice versa. I have read over some related posts but did not quite find my answer. So, can I do that via iCloud? Or do I need to use Dropbox? Either way, exactly how? Thanks!
  3. I have Storyist on both my iPad and iMac (Sierra) with iCloud Drive enabled. On my iPad, I have my stories set to save to iCloud Drive, and from there, I can see a "Storyist" folder as expected. However, on my iMac, there is no "Storyist" folder (even if I opt to view hidden folders). I purchased the 2.x to 3.x upgrade directly from the website (that is, I did not buy the App Store version). iCloud Drive options (from System Settings app on iMac) does not list "Storyist" in the "Documents" list (like it does, for example, "iA Writer" or "Preview"). However, if i click the "Manage..." button for iCloud, the folder is listed there. How do I make my iCloud Drive "Storyist" directory appear on my iMac? (I would have thought it automatic.) Is it because the app on the website is not compatible with it (vs. the App Store version?). In the meantime, I'll switch to Dropbox. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi - I just purchased Storyist for iOS today, am using it on my iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6s. Both work fine, sync well, no problems. I can go my iCloud Drive folder on either one and find the Storyist file folder, along with the files I've put there. However, when I go to my iCloud drive on my MacBook Pro, I cannot see the Storyist folder. I've tried going to iCloud drive via Finder, and also through Safari, logging in to my iCloud account. I've logged out and back in multiple times; started and re-started my MacBook multiple times; and added an item several times in an attempt to "force" a sync. But none of these have worked. I can still see and access the Storyist folder on my iOS devices; I still cannot see it nor access it on my MacBook. (Note - on my MacBook, I am using the trial version of Storyist - I'm in the first day of the 15-day trial. I was trying to decide whether to move to Storyist since Scrivener still does not have an iOS version. So far, I love what I see, but obviously I want and need iCloud sync functionality.) Help please? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've got Storyist on my iPad and Mac, and it's all been working fine. I last edited my story this morning on my iPad and have tried to open it on the mac, but it won't. I've looked at my iPad version, and there's a little icon in the bottom corner of my file with a cloud that has been crossed out. It seems like my iPad is refusing to upload that version to the cloud. It's really annoying and it'd be great if someone could tell me if there's some way of manually uploading iPad version to the cloud because I've been trying lots of stuff and can't find any way of sorting it. Cheers.
  6. Hello All! Here are some ideas to evolve Storyist for iPad: Tab / Element Support For External Keyboards I write in screenplay format using an external keyboard. As I was writing today, I noticed that there was no tab support for cycling through the script elements (Slug Line, Action, Character, Dialogue ...) So every time I introduced a new element, I had to find it on the screen and poke it with my finger. It may not sound like a huge deal, but throughout the life of a script and several rewrites, that does become a pretty big hindrance. (*I thought this was a feature of Storyist, so maybe it does exist and there was just a bug preventing me from using this feature. Anyhow, I tested the "Tab" button in other programs just to make sure I didn't have a faulty keyboard, and it indeed works, just not in Storyist.) Smart Return Behavior Many screenplay programs stick to basic behavior when you hit "return"; the most obvious "smart" function we could give here would be after the completion of a Slug Line Element, if you press "Return", then naturally the next Element you would use would be the "Action / Description" Element. This is one of the cardinal rules of screenplay structure, so I don't see why we can't introduce that into Storyist. Having the user poke the button for "Action" is unnecessary; there can't be two Slug Lines, and you can't jump straight into "Characters" or "Dialogue"; it has to move into "Action". Fullscreen Mode If the two above features are implemented (or even just the Tab Cycling), that opens up an opportunity for something truly elegant and revolutionary. The "Completely-Clean / UI-Less Fullscreen Mode". If you can cycle through all the Elements with ease, you won't need any onscreen-buttons to clutter and take up space. This Fullscreen mode could be enabled as an option. If you want the onscreen-UI back for the moment, just touch the screen. Otherwise, everytime we have to move our hands away from the keyboard, we're becoming less-efficient writers and lose something I've grown to love - "momentum". The other obvious benefit here is more screen-real estate, and for iPad users, that's quite important. Page Numbers I absolutely adore the subtle feature that Storyist shows you "page breaks". It's simple and genius; when I'm writing, and I come across that little break - I truly feel a psychological reward in that I've accomplished something! Thank you for that! What could be even more helpful is just showing (or enabling as an option) the page numbers. Seeing those tick by would be a constant reminder of where you are in the script. On the small screen of the iPad, sometimes it can feel a bit singular, which is good for concentration, but bad for "big picture" thinking. Pages Numbers (and of course, on export as well) would be a big help. Export to PDF I know this has been requested by others, but it's a nice segue from the previous requested feature; being able to export whatever I'm currently doing to PDF (with page numbers!) would be EXCEPTIONAL. (Don't you think?) An Option To Clean-Up Or Not-See The Folders I know this isn't high on the list, but I honestly never use the "Scene Sheets, Plots, Characters, Settings ..." Folders. All I use are the Native Script Format / Writing Section and Index Cards. That's it! Is there a way I could just HIDE the rest of the folders, or just eliminate ones that I don't use? It just seems a bit cluttered when all I want to do is hop into the work and do it. That's it! iCloud Sync Support Pretty self-explanatory! === I don't mean to innundate with requests, but I do want to provide my two cents to make this the best product out there, and I do want to thank you for a marvelous product. Storyist for iPad and Mac genuinely help me as a Writer. Well done!
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