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Found 18 results

  1. I’ve sent this over as a bug report recently, just in case it has slipped through the cracks of the internet, I thought I’d post it here to. In case you have this issue, there is a workaround. When I open Storyist 4.1 on iOS 12 (iPad), no items show up in the sidebar when it was closed. Neither documents nor chapters show up, the list is completely empty. However, when the sidebar is already open by the time Storyist is started, items show up correctly. Storyist remembers the state of the sidebar, so when it’s closed, it’ll open closed upon next start. The workaround is to leave the sidebar open, close Storyist, then open it again. I’ve made a quick video to show the issue: Hope this helps to fix the issue. If you need further details, please let me know.
  2. It would be great to be able to password protect the iPad app. Similar to Textilus Pro.
  3. Hello, Bit of an emergency here - about 40 minutes ago I opened up a story folder containing a script that has about a month's worth of work on it, and was given a message to the tune of: "This document has been deleted on Dropbox from another device." And, with that, the entire folder disappeared from Storyist. There is no evidence whatsoever of this file's existence on my Dropbox either - not as a recent deletion (I worked on the script as recently as yesterday) in the "deleted" folder nor the "events" folder. I'm not at my primary computer at the moment but will be dropping by in a bit to see if it's cached there somehow... I have no other backups of this file (aside from earlier drafts converted to Final Draft files) so losing this would be pretty devastating. Any help would be much appreciated! Best, -Adam
  4. I am a new user and have been trying to find how to insert bookmarks in the iPad. I have tried selecting text but I cannot find any bookmark option. Is there one?
  5. Hi, I've got Storyist on my iPad and Mac, and it's all been working fine. I last edited my story this morning on my iPad and have tried to open it on the mac, but it won't. I've looked at my iPad version, and there's a little icon in the bottom corner of my file with a cloud that has been crossed out. It seems like my iPad is refusing to upload that version to the cloud. It's really annoying and it'd be great if someone could tell me if there's some way of manually uploading iPad version to the cloud because I've been trying lots of stuff and can't find any way of sorting it. Cheers.
  6. Hi, I am viewing a folder full of storysheets in outline mode on my desktop. I can see the title and the summary. However, I don't get an option to view this folder as an outline on my ipad. Am I missing something? Related to this is a second question. I am used to creating index cards on Scrivener which feature the title and a summary, which I can then view in the outline mode. What's the easiest way of replicating that on storyist? I can't seem to add a new index card on the storyboard?? and I can't seem to write a text document that converts to outline that converts to index cards and carries both title and summary in all locations. I get lost in a sea of untitled body text etc. etc. Any help GREATLY appreciates. Thanks! C.
  7. Howdy, all. I'm still noodling about with Storyist, having been drawn to it because I like the idea of retaining my formatting across platforms (Mac / iOS) and having the hierarchical structure that lets me organize my work by chapters and sections in a way a linear text editor does not. So my question. On the iPad, the keyboard has that row of extended keys - cursor motion, single and double quote, etc. What I'd like to know is if I can customize those keys and, if so, how. For instance I'd like to have a typographical open and close quote option (specifying “ and ” as custom-set keys in the extended area, rather than leaving it as "), easier access to other buried keys (such as the em dash and ellipsis), and so on. Is this an option for Storyist on iOS currently?
  8. Love the iPad app, however the app has a usability issue that causes me a lot of problems. 1. I typically use the app in landscape mode, with the project menu pinned, so it resembles a split view controller. 2. I drill down on a file to view the outline. 3. When toggling the main view between text and corkboard, the project view loses state and pops back to the root project view.
  9. Is there a way for the title and text and an index card to also be in the text of the section that the card represents, and updates to either reflect changes to the other? I have a "general" text file in my project, and every time i make a new section (with #) a new card is created with the title "body text". Typing on the card does nothing in the document, it remains a blank section. Just wanted to see if I'm missing something. Thanks.
  10. Hi Steve, I've been going back and forth between iOS and Mac OS versions of Storyist in recent days, editing and refining on whichever device comes to hand. I've been watching the word count more than usual to keep a sense of how my cuts and edits are balancing out, and I noticed that they're different - that is the counts for words, pages etc. on iOS Storyist are different to the counts on MacOS Storyist. This for an apparently identical document kept in sync via dropbox. I've just tested this with one of your default projects - created as new, and named, but not edited in any way, and I get a discrepancy. I did a quick search to see if this had been reported, but couldn't find anything, so though I'd give a heads up on this one! Nick
  11. Whenever I add a new index card a pound symbols appears in my screenplay. I assumed that it's some sort of auto formatting but when I export or print the symbol still remains. Could somebody tell me what these are for? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I am new to Storyist, and am using it exclusively on the iPad. I am loving it, but I've had a couple scares where index cards have appeared black and without any information until I restart the app. Before I fully commit to mapping out my whole novel with index cards on Storyist, I want to make sure there is a way to effectively back up this data. I tried to export the manuscript to rtf or PDF, but neither format seems to retain index cards. Is there a trick to this? Is it not yet a feature (I ask, hoping very much that's not the answer )? Thanks in advance for the help!
  13. Has anyone got VoiceOver working with Storyist for iPad? I find it useful to have my writing read back to me to assist in editing. This feature is available in the Mac version, and VoiceOver works quite nicely in Pages for iPad, but I have been unsuccessful in getting the iPad to continually read text to me while in Storyist. Let me know if there's any suggestions on how to get it working in Storyist.
  14. The situation background: OK, so I kind of put my iPad and Storyist through some paces as an experiment (forgive me, I needed to see if I can trust it) and I loved it. The interface and layout allows me to get right at my work and utilize Dropbox sync and backup (I do not have a MAC and must trust this process to save my work). I now believe. Storyist wins out over my other computers and my writing suites. The iPad and writing in Storyist was awesome and quicker than firing up my beautiful tablet laptop, waiting, launching software, and then writing on a shorter battery life Note: I use an external keyboard case with the iPad and it works awesome. The Question I Stumbled Upon While Testing: So, after writing on the fly at a bar last Sunday, and this was out-of-the-blue writing as I was simply bored and killing time (which was the exact reason I wanted Storyist to work out), I decided to try and create a Story Sheet as I thought of one I'd like to have. Sadly, I don't think I can create a Story Sheet template on the iPad version. I seem to recall editing a Story Sheet at one point, but maybe I'm mistaken. It might be that you can only add fields to certain sheets (to characters I think). Anyway, I couldn't find a way to create a Story Sheet (from scratch) on the iPad and I couldn't edit the templates provided in a way that worked for my goals. So, I created it as a simple text document using cards (so I could describe what the steps were for in the summary of the cards). I'd like to save this off to use in each project and I'd be glad to send this generic text document to the board if there's a way (others may find it useful, it's a Premise/Concept/Pitch summary sheet). I know this is a feature request at the moment (I just couldn't find a way to build a Story Sheet on the iPad version), but I thought I'd ask first just in case there is a way and I missed it. If I can't create a Story Sheet, it's all cool. As long as I can save this empty version I made up somewhere and use it in each project that I want to pop it into. P.S. I will be doing a story from start to finish in Storyist and on my iPad starting next week (it's my birthday tomorrow and the weekend will be lost to debauchery and revelry...if I wake up married in a foreign land or tattooed...I probably had fun). I'm quite excited to see if Storyist is my new way. I may even pick up a Mac if it goes well enough. P.P.S. the link for those interested in my other question/feature request: http://storyist.invi...t-writing-mode/
  15. Hi I am using both the and the mac version. My problem is that I have one in canadian english and one in US english. How do I set the dictionary to be used? thanks.
  16. Hi all, I have come with a very peculiar problem... I have found that occasionally, for no particular reason I can determine, files on Storyist (on my iPad, never on my computer) turn grey and when I open them, that's all I see - grey. So I end up having to write in Pages instead, disaster! This problem seems to solve itself, usually after about 5 minutes, again for no particular reason. What am I doing wrong? I do use Storyist with Dropbox, but I doubt this is the problem as this sequence of events also occurred the other day when I had no internet connection whatsoever. Any suggestions on how to solve this would be gratefully received. Cheers, Annie24
  17. Hi all I'm writing film screenplays, comic books and tv screenplays on final draft. After getting an iPad a friend of mine directed me to Storyist to continue writing when I'm away from my laptop. I've noticed that the app has a template for screenplay (which I'm guessing is for films), novels and I think stage plays but I've also been told that you can create templates or people send you theirs if they're willing. I was wondering though can you create your own or get other templates on the app or just on the desktop version and if you can get it on the iPad app how would you create it/install it? Do you need the desktop version to do it or you can you do it straight though the iPad app itself since I'm not looking to get the desktop version as I'm already using Final Draft. Thank you
  18. I have been using my Storyist today to write a short story. But now, when I want to check my work all I get is a blank screen whatever I press. Nothing shows up and it appears that everything has gone. I am using iPad 2 with the Storyist App. My iPad is not updated to iOS 5. What have I done wrong and how can I put it right? Thank you Jess.
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