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Found 5 results

  1. I have been using the outline view more in preparation for writing a new manuscript. It would be nice if we could make the text larger in the outline view, especially with the summary text which is tiny. I think that it would make this feature/tool more usable. Would anyone else find this helpful?
  2. Hi, I am viewing a folder full of storysheets in outline mode on my desktop. I can see the title and the summary. However, I don't get an option to view this folder as an outline on my ipad. Am I missing something? Related to this is a second question. I am used to creating index cards on Scrivener which feature the title and a summary, which I can then view in the outline mode. What's the easiest way of replicating that on storyist? I can't seem to add a new index card on the storyboard?? and I can't seem to write a text document that converts to outline that conv
  3. You might have to be very patient with me, because for such a clever person, I am truly terrible at understanding written directions, especially with terminology. I have a shell of a story I've pasted into Storyist. And as I've been adding hashtags to create sections within the chapters, I've learned that I can use the storyboard style in a split screen to add notes to the manuscript section titles, making it an even more "advanced" outline when I switch to that view. I've also got it set to automatically add section sheets for each section and added a few "notes" to them as well, so t
  4. Jazz great Charles Mingus once wrote "Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple." That's also what I'm looking for in my writing software - something that makes the creative writing process simple. _________ On that note... Is there a way to create **Parallel** (i.e. multi-column, spreadsheet style) Character or Plot Outlines ? Many of you may have seen J.K. Rowling's spreadsheet-style brainstorming for the parallel plots going on in one of her Potter books. Here's the link: For brainstorming characters and plots, Rowling
  5. Hi All, I read through the Storyist User's Guide and this wasn't super-apparent to me, so I apologize in advance is this is a "N00B" question. Is it possible to create nested "stacks" or "groups" of index cards in either the screenwriting or manuscript view? Here's a rough image of what I would hope to enable: https://skitch.com/m...ript-untitled-3 Ultimately, it would be wonderful to view index cards as sets, because I like to write in the traditional "Act" format, and it would be quite helpful to see headers telling me when one stops and the other begins. Thank you fo
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