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Found 7 results

  1. I have needed to split my novel into two separate novels - Novel A and Novel B REQUIREMENT: A simple method to copy files, links, and documents from Storyist Novel A to Storyist Novel B as a whole document. A complete Project, Scene or Section Sheet copied and pasted. ALSO: The ability to link research collated on 'Text File - Notes' which contain both notes and links to webpages To 'Drag&Drop; a link in the Project, Scene or Section Sheets.'TO THE NOTE' containing the research. I have in-depth notes and research links on Settings, Scenes and Projects in No
  2. I'm having a seriously frustrating time editing my novel in Storyist. When I click and drag a chapter, sometimes it just drops where I want it and sometimes it seems to merge with other chapters or sections and suddenly have whole sections disappear and then it turns out they've merged with another, totally unrelated section. So my novel is getting more jumbled up as I go and I'm spending ages just trying to unpick the mess. What am I doing wrong? I just want to a quick, easy way to rearrange chapters without them merging with each other and/or dropping/merging/disappearing my sections. I
  3. While writing, where ever the cursor is in one's manuscript, it would be nice if the corresponding section was highlighted in the Project view. I think this would help with navigating one's manuscript. I often refer to the Project View as my bird's eye view of my entire novel. Also when doing a search, it would be nice to highlight all the sections in the Project view where the search word(s) were found. Would anyone else find one or both of these helpful?
  4. Hi again (just posted a few minutes ago)! New question that deserves its own topic: I imported an existing manuscript, and I'm really starting to like the idea of "sections" as a way of bookmarking my complicated novel. However, I thought I could just highlight a section of existing copy, click "Create New Section", and voila! I'd now have a new section out of existing copy. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. When I do the above, a new blank section gets added to the end of my chapter. Help?
  5. I'm a newbie to Storyist, having written two novels and countless other stories in MS Word. While I can create chapters and sections within a chapter, I can't create parts 1, 2 and 3 of my next novel, and add chapters to these. Is there any way to achieve this? Also, what's the best way to create a scrapbook or pinboard along the lines that you can in Scrivener? I note that you can create images but I can't see how to pull together research into a multimedia collage. Thanks Andy
  6. Hi there I just wanted to know if there is a way to easily navigate from a section sheet to the section that it is linked to and back the other way. I seem to be able to go from the manuscript text to the sheet by pressing Cmd 3 on the section, selecting the sheet from the collage, then pressing Cmd 1 to go to that Sheet's details (but I'm feeling this may not be the most efficient way). Going the other way (from the Section Sheet to the manuscript text) is something I haven't been able to figure out at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Stuart
  7. After completely over-analyzing Mac and iPad writing software, I finally settled on Storyist. I mostly like what I've seen so far. I dumped some existing text into a chapter, created a few sections, and it's worked fine. The section names seem to be the default ones used when I pasted my text into the existing sample text, things like "Start Writing!", etc. So in the left pane, I clicked on those sections and gave them new names. Perfect. However, when I play around with the character sheets and try to add a plot point, and tie it to a section, the section names I'm given are all the o
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