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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I've started posting templates over at my website. So far, there's one based on Story Engineering, by Larry Brooks and one based on Anatomy of Story, by John Truby. Feel free to use, modify, share, laugh at, whatever...
  2. In the example project files there are two character sheets: antagonist and protagonist. Someplace (and now I can't find it again) I saw a link to sample templates and sheets. I'm thinking there must be examples of more than antagonist and protagonist character sheets, no? The novel I have coming out in September (my tenth) has twenty major recurring characters and at least fifty minor characters. I write big, fat historical novels and keeping track of characters is always a major headache.
  3. I've looked through the users guide on templates. It seems to suggest that a template can only be employed to a new project. Or can a template like "Novel" be added to an existing document?
  4. I've created a custom project template and filled out the description field when I saved the template, but when I choose the custom template to start a new project the description field is blank (the description shows for the templates that came with the program though). Is this a bug or is there some secret voodoo to getting the description contents to stick?
  5. This is my first topic so be kind please. I have the iPad version of Storyist and I downlaoded templates from the forums. When I try to open the template it tells me it can't open it and refers me to support for how to convert Storyist 1 files to Storyist 2 files. I can't find anything about this anywhere. Can anyone help please? Thanks Marc.
  6. Hey, Love the app. Way to go. i purchased this the same time I purchased Final Draft Writer and i have to admit....I like Storyist better. Gives me more control over the entire project and NOT just the writing of the script. I do have TWO requests, though (and, i do not own the STORYIST for MAC so I don't know if these features even exist on the desktop version): 1. Please add a "Stageplay", "One Hour Drama", and "Sitcom/Half-Hour Comedy" template. WIsh I could start one of these from scratch within the iPad without having to change all of the elements each time I do so. 2. Revision Mode. I work on a team and would love to have the ability to see revisions made on different drafts. (THIS is the one really nice feature on FInal Draft Writer that I love). 3. Scene numbers. Thank you fo rmaking such an amazing product. The so called "experts on Screenwriting" apps has got nothing on ya'll.
  7. Hi all I'm writing film screenplays, comic books and tv screenplays on final draft. After getting an iPad a friend of mine directed me to Storyist to continue writing when I'm away from my laptop. I've noticed that the app has a template for screenplay (which I'm guessing is for films), novels and I think stage plays but I've also been told that you can create templates or people send you theirs if they're willing. I was wondering though can you create your own or get other templates on the app or just on the desktop version and if you can get it on the iPad app how would you create it/install it? Do you need the desktop version to do it or you can you do it straight though the iPad app itself since I'm not looking to get the desktop version as I'm already using Final Draft. Thank you
  8. Hi Steve I just bought storyist for my iPad. It is very nice but i will more likely write some technical books or manuals, with many references and citations (and a biblio). Is there a style sheet or templates available for that use ? If not, is it possible for me to create and share my own styles ? Thanks for your answer, Regards, Pierre
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