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Storyist 2.2 is available for download

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Hi Folks,


Storyist 2.2 is available for download.


Storyist 2.2 offers new features, a streamlined exporter, and several enhancements and bug fixes. Specifically:


New Features

  • EPub Support: The exporter can now export manuscripts and screenplays to ePub format for reading on iPad and other ebook devices and applications that support ePub.
  • Share with Stanza for iPhone: If you've got a local network, an iPhone, and the free Stanza ereader, you can download your manuscripts from Storyist to the iPhone for reading.
  • 64-bit Support: Storyist now runs in 64-bit mode on Snow Leopard.
  • New Automator Actions: New actions, available from the Edit > Tools menu, convert paragraphs with leading tabs to first-line indents and back.


Streamlined Exporter


  • The File > Export submenus have been condensed to a single menu item.
  • You can now save export settings as presets for later use.
  • The Export dialog now has Select All and Clear None buttons.
  • The text and images exporter now has a button to open the current workflow in Automator.
  • The text and images exporter now has a button to open the Workflows folder in Finder.
  • You can now have Storyist create subfolders to match the project hierarchy when exporting multiple files.
  • There is now an "Apply to All" option for replacing files during a file export. (Leopard or later).


Enhancements and Bug Fixes


  • You can now drag images to Polariods to assign photos to project items.
  • The Stage Play script template is now available from the Project menu.
  • Fixed certain cases where Storyist couldn't open files without extensions.
  • You can now drag an external file to an empty corkboard. Previously, there needed to be at least one item on the corkboard to import by dragging.
  • Switching in and out of full-screen mode while in "Fit to Page" mode no longer causes some previously visited project items to be improperly centered.
  • Placards are no longer drawn in the upper left corner of the screen in full-screen mode in certain circumstances.
  • Storyist no longer crashes when saving after adding images to a project who's filename contains a quotation mark.
  • Storyist no longer takes an exception when importing an HTML file with broken image links. Previously, the import would fail. Now, it succeeds.
  • Fixed a case where pages were drawn incompletely on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred if the project filename contained a question mark.
  • The style editor dialog is sized better for 13" MacBooks.


Thanks to all the beta testers for putting it though its paces.



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