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Hahah, ah, yeah. I had a little Thanksgiving last night for my YaYas. (You ever read that book?) I wrote about it here.


It was a lot of fun. Also, it's really hard to take decent photos when you're rushing in low light. xD


Post no. 1000!


Go, Storyists, go!



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Happy Birthday Storyist!


The first copy of Storyist was purchased on January 8, 2007, so Storyist turns 1 today. Thanks for a great year everyone!



It has been an honor and a privilege, sir.


Birthday spanks all around.



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.... I just spent 8 hours playing video games. Straight. I think that's a milestone. A very sad milestone.

So that's what you've been doing instead of contributing to the group novel project. :)


How's JanNoWriMo going? Are you actually writing?


And welcome back!


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No, I kind of stumbled, tripped, and fell into a deep dark pit. I've found a ladder, however.

Is this a metaphor for depression? Well, I'm glad you're feeling better.

What's this group project?

Inspired by NaNoWriMo 2007 (more or less) Isaac suggested a kind of group collaboration on an actual story. Some of us thought it was a good idea and we've been discussing it in Community > General Topics > Group Novel and Community > General Topics > Group Novel Structure. Read the threads to catch up. (M has been lamenting a lack of estrogen in the discussion.)


There is another, actually older project that is also beginning to see progress. Steve has brought his significant other in to "shepherd" (get it) the User's Manuel. He's setting up a Wiki for this purpose.


Are these milestone? Sort of. It's progress, certainly.


Here's to a productive 2008.


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Aw, you noticed ... how sweet! :D


I didn't even notice myself until after I'd made the post. But now it's 202 and counting....


Yes, I just noticed how you helped Bill with his template problem, putting you over 200. (I didn't know he was downloading a ZIP file and not the actual template. But he eventually realized he was clicking the wrong link. Perhaps it's a lesson to all of us to be a little more obvious when naming them.) Good going M.


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