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Setting and managing styles


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Hi Shelly,


Just tried the following here with the default Novel template and got a smaller, italicized Chapter title.


h1 {

margin-top: 20px;

margin-bottom: 12px;

text-align: left;





I verified it in the Kindle Previewer. Note the font size is "13pt" not just "13".


If this isn't working for you, the next step would be to check that the markup (xhtml) actually has the tags you are trying to style.


If the disclosure triangle next to the style is red, it means that the formatting has changed from the formatting defined in the style. If you switch to the Text Attributes tab, the status will show you what is different. The text will read something like "Section Text + italic"



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Thanks, Steve.

I will try what you sent and get back to you if I still struggle.


As for the red triangle, I thought that was what it would mean. But, it was perplexing to me for reasons I won't go into at this point.

I'll close out this exchange, study my file a bit more, then get back to you.


Again, thanks.


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