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Storyist for iPad reviewed by AppSafari

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AppSafari just published their review of Storyist for iPad.


Good writing software “gets of out the way” and allows you to tell your story - its hard to be creative when you’re busy worrying about line idents, where you should or shouldn’t be using caps, and line breaks. Good story writing software does this. Storyist does this. I shouldn’t really have to say anymore.


I will however ...


AppSafari Rating: 5/5



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I liked:

Swooping into the gap left by Final Draft and Scrivener refusing to take the iPad seriously, Storyist works with industry standard guidelines to enable you to tell your story to the masses and to get it read by the select few who can make that happen.


You can't argue with five-out-of-five.

You swoop Steve.


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