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Hullo Everybody (Vote for me! lol ^_^)

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Hey All!


How're my favorite writing software peoples doing? I haven't been on here much because I've been swamped with so many things including trying to get my arts business up and running again and trying to claw my way out of the ashes of a 3+ year creative burn out. ^_^


Anyhoo, I wanted to stop by and see how everybody is doing and say hi. I also have an alterior motive for stopping by. I've started participating in contests and challenges to help with the whole creative burn out issue. I recently submitted a portrait of mine to a Talenthouse Creative Invite and one of the selected winners is chosen by voting. I really despise community voted winner contests because there are invariably people who have a bazillion friends who will vote for them compared to the whopping 40 friends I have on facebook, most of which won't even look at the link I post. ^_^ I also hate begging for votes, but supposedly promoting your stuff is something you have to do... Sooooo if anybody had a minute to vote for me, you'd have my eternal gratitude, especially if you were to reshare it. Here's the link:



You can vote using your FB or Twitter account in the box under my profile picture on the right side of the window. Thanks!


Now, I really didn't just come here to post that, I do want to hear how everybody is!


Hope you're all doing well. I'm off to mosey about the forums and drive my self crazy with the realization that all the threads are marked unread again despite my having read them all as of a year and a half ago or something. *sigh*



- Jools

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