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Can you create Story Sheets on the iPad version?

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The situation background:

OK, so I kind of put my iPad and Storyist through some paces as an experiment (forgive me, I needed to see if I can trust it) and I loved it.


The interface and layout allows me to get right at my work and utilize Dropbox sync and backup (I do not have a MAC and must trust this process to save my work). I now believe. Storyist wins out over my other computers and my writing suites. The iPad and writing in Storyist was awesome and quicker than firing up my beautiful tablet laptop, waiting, launching software, and then writing on a shorter battery life


I use an external keyboard case with the iPad and it works awesome.


The Question I Stumbled Upon While Testing:

So, after writing on the fly at a bar last Sunday, and this was out-of-the-blue writing as I was simply bored and killing time (which was the exact reason I wanted Storyist to work out), I decided to try and create a Story Sheet as I thought of one I'd like to have.


Sadly, I don't think I can create a Story Sheet template on the iPad version. I seem to recall editing a Story Sheet at one point, but maybe I'm mistaken. It might be that you can only add fields to certain sheets (to characters I think).


Anyway, I couldn't find a way to create a Story Sheet (from scratch) on the iPad and I couldn't edit the templates provided in a way that worked for my goals.


So, I created it as a simple text document using cards (so I could describe what the steps were for in the summary of the cards). I'd like to save this off to use in each project and I'd be glad to send this generic text document to the board if there's a way (others may find it useful, it's a Premise/Concept/Pitch summary sheet).


I know this is a feature request at the moment (I just couldn't find a way to build a Story Sheet on the iPad version), but I thought I'd ask first just in case there is a way and I missed it.


If I can't create a Story Sheet, it's all cool. As long as I can save this empty version I made up somewhere and use it in each project that I want to pop it into.


P.S. I will be doing a story from start to finish in Storyist and on my iPad starting next week (it's my birthday tomorrow and the weekend will be lost to debauchery and revelry...if I wake up married in a foreign land or tattooed...I probably had fun). I'm quite excited to see if Storyist is my new way. I may even pick up a Mac if it goes well enough.


P.P.S. the link for those interested in my other question/feature request: http://storyist.invi...t-writing-mode/

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Happy birthday, jhenke!


You cannot yet, so far as I know, create a custom field for a sheet on the iPad. You can on the Mac.


You should be able to save a copy of your text file. Tap the Edit button at the level where the file is. Tap export, tap the text file, and when it shows a check mark, choose Copy to iTunes or Copy to Dropbox. Then choose RTF or TXT and tap Okay (or the closest equivalent). When you want to use the template, navigate to the right place and choose Copy from iTunes/Dropbox, depending on where you stashed it. Navigate to the correct file and tap Okay.


I am typing this from memory. If it doesn't work or you need more specific information, write again.

Meanwhile, eat lots of cake. Drink lots of champagne. Avoid the tattoes (painful!).



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Thanks Marguerite!


It's what I thought (I did export it to Dropbox though).


I'd give you a "like" but it's broken or I really have reached my quota of being able to like things today (which isn't true, don't think I have a top out there). Have a great weekend. :)

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I'm currently using only the iPad version. If I were to create new Story Sheets (character, etc.) with custom categories, in the Mac version could they be imported as is, with live fields, to the iPad version to use in any project?


I notice the iPad version allows you to add a small number of pre named fields to a story sheet when you hit edit. Would it be possible to add custom fields to that drop down, or allow a user to change the name of these fields? (Example - of what value is having a new field named first name or last name, when the character is already named?).





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